Upcoming Changes to VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Release Versioning

What’s changing?

VMware Workspace ONE is changing the versioning scheme for the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for both iOS and Android platforms. Moving forward, releases will use an updating versioning scheme based on dates (example formal name:, example informal name: 1902, rather than the traditional major and minor incremental versions (ex: 6.x and 9.x) previously used.

Please note that the Workspace ONE UEM Console and Intelligent Hub applications may follow a similar naming convention, but that doesn’t imply that they will be releasing at the same time or on the same cadence.


Why the change?

Historically, our versioning has followed the semantic versioning model of a major and minor number where traditionally more risk was associated to a major update. Our updates now consist of a payload of features and fixes that are ready at the point we decide to release removing the concept of major and minor.


When will this change take place?

The new version scheme will be adopted in the next release of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS (post 6.1) and the next release of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android (post 9.0.2).


How am I impacted?

This is purely a version change and the support model for a given update is not impacted by this change. Other Workspace ONE components will follow suit over time.


Support Contact Information

To receive support or deliver feedback, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


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The VMware Workspace ONE Team

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