New Features & Technical Requirements

macOS Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

New Features & Technical Requirements


The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for macOS application has many new capabilities on top of the features already part of the former AirWatch Agent. We are excited to have you join the beta program and test the new functionality. To fully exercise the client, you will be testing against a hosted beta environment. If you test against your own environment the client will function, but you will not be able to experience the full range of improvements. The goal for admins should be to try all the new abilities of the Hub, understand how they could be leveraged in their organizations, and report any feedback or questions.


This version of our client includes the new Hub interface and the new Hub catalog for native applications and web clips. It also includes People search, dynamic app install status, and File Vault fixes. We will also be updating the beta environment with Notifications when it is ready. We do not have File Vault set in our beta environment.


Below are the required credentials and information for what to expect when enrolling.


NOTE – The users and data are artificial and do not reflect real individuals or objects. This means that the users and data may be shared across several other beta participants.


Expected Behavior

The expected behavior is the same for all environments and for all users with the same Enrollment Type. For example, username Beta1 with type Managed and username Beta6 should have the same expected behavior and there is no advantage to selecting one over the other. Please only select users that pertain to the environment you are using per the chart above.






·      Download and install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application on your Mac. After you have completed the install and downloaded the profile, the Hub app will auto launch. This takes a few seconds. If you want to get to it faster, go to the Hub icon in the top bar

·      A Managed enrollment user will enter the URL and Group ID on the initial Hub screen, and then be prompted for Username and Password to step through retrieving the MDM Profile

·      The user will see OS level warnings and dialogs

In-App Navigation

·      Once enrolled, the user will be redirected to a new app catalog landing screen in the Hub application. Return to the catalog later, the user can launch the Hub app at any time.


Web Page

Companies can select a default web page to show their users, often their internal portal. In this case, we have embedded the VMware web page.



·      The user should see a total of 6 applications in the catalog (alphabetically)

o   Chrome

o   Microsoft Excel

o   Microsoft PowerPoint

o   Microsoft Word

o   Salesforce (SSO enabled)

o   Slack app

o   VMware Horizon Client

·      To test the SSO functionality, launch the Salesforce app, either from All or from Web apps.

The user can click Install on any of the other apps to be prompted to install the app on device.

·      In the lower left corner of the Hub app, there is an Account icon. Clicking this icon will take you to the Account section which will show information about the user and device.




·      The Hub application comes with Hub Identity Services  turned on, giving the user new functionality. Users will see additional tabs in the application:

o   People

§  The People section is for viewing your corporate hierarchy and searching for individuals in our organization

o   Notifications – later in March

§  The Notifications section displays messages sent by an administrator to a group of users. We have prepopulated some sample notifications.



To test enrollment through the app, manually install the beta pkg on an unenrolled macOS 10.12+ device. Once installed, click the menu bar icon and click Enroll Now. The enrollment UI should appear. Continue through enrollment as you usually do and report any issues, quirks, or any other comments as you test. All forms of enrollment are supported through the app - Basic Authentication, SAML, Token, and Staging (no authentication).


Login Credentials

We are providing multiple user accounts for you to use. Remember that other beta participants may be using the same account.

United States

AW console :

OG ID: hubbetaidm

Domain: ws1supportdev

AD users: beta11 - beta20

Password: W$1HubB3t@!


Basic users: basicbeta1-basicbeta3/

Password: W$1HubB3t@!



AW console :

OG ID: hubbetaidm

Domain: ws1supportdev

AD users: beta11 - beta20

Password: W$1HubB3t@!


Basic users: basicbeta1 - basicbeta5

Password: W$1HubB3t@!



Please complete the below test plan for Beta 1 on any macOS device running 10.12+. Completing this test plan will help determine how well this functionality is working for you and your organization.



We have updated the enrollment UI to align with the other platforms supported by Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.








After enrollment is complete:

After enrollment is complete with the MDM profile installed and the app has recognized that it is enrolled, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app should launch. Alternately, you can click the menu bar icon and click Account. The Account screen displays the details on the enrolled user & device, including a link to collect logs for troubleshooting.





Web Page

Customers can set a default web page to show their end users in the Hub app. Often this page is the intranet home page or some other page employees reference often.


App Catalog

You will see an updated catalog with both web sites and native applications. The web sites are set up to support single-sign on with SAML tokens.

Please test the available applications. Install a native app, follow a link, pick new Favorites.




The People tab surfaces the records in AD. User can search for coworkers and see the reporting hierarchy.


Post Testing Feedback

Thank you for beta testing the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for macOS. Please share your thoughts and feedback. 

macOS version:

Model (or version of Fusion):

Description of issue:

Screenshot if applicable


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