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Posted on February 4th, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware AirWatch Service for Honeywell 4.0.1 for Android
Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • AAGNT-185184: Remove the popup when Honeywell service is demoted as Admin

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 5.3 for iOS
What's Knew in this App Version

  • BINXI-4543: New email and calendar navigation drawer design
    • This redesign brings a fresh look to the navigation drawer for finding folders and managing viewable calendars.
  • BINXI-1192: Calendar Search
    • Searching for calendar events is now possible in the calendar view. Currently you can search an event Title, location or attendees.
    • To search in the past (30 days) scroll up in the search results.
  • BINXI-10165: Receive Attachments in Workspace ONE Boxer as Base64 Encoded Strings in OpenURL Call.
    • This feature adds to the ability to pass file attachments to Workspace ONE Boxer when invoking the compose screen. This allows for the creation of a prefilled-out email including attachments which are base64 encoded.
    • Please contact the Workspace ONE Boxer team for a sample app on how to encode attachments.
  • BINXI-9336: Support for iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro screen resolutions.
  • BINXI-10105: Changes for Accessibility compliance for LargeText.
  • BINXI-10220: Accessibility Updates.
  • BINXI-7795: Settings changes for Accessibility compliance for LargeText.
  • BINXI-9909: Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS support for voice over accessibility.
  • BINXI-9896: Accessibility enhancements and research items.

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • BINXI-10421: Workspace ONE Boxer show "Message no Longer Available" alert when organizer updates a recurring event title.
  • BINXI-10415: Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS crashes when search function is used.
  • BINXI-10350: While wiping device on max failed attempts, user should be shown interaction.
  • BINXI-10371: User able to add personal account when adding those is restricted by Console.
  • BINXI-10362: Meeting response actions are hidden in Hero Card View.
  • BINXI-10392: Workspace ONE Boxer is freezing with multiple Gmail accounts - email load is *very* slow.
  • BINXI-10364: Hero card is missing when calendar invite is launched from notification.
  • BINXI-10344: Copyright date should be updated to 2019.
  • BINXI-9973: Return key on the keyboard should be blue when adding recipients not in your contacts or GAL.
  • BINXI-7560: With every new e-mail in Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS when selecting the same recipient, a comma will be added in between names.
  • BINXI-6848: Contact Avatars do not display in the email list.
  • BINXI-5149: Events created in Workspace ONE Boxer do not format in Outlook.
  • BINXI-9437: Line breaks not received when responding to invites with comments from hero card.
  • BINXI-8968: App crash on random iOS devices.
  • BINXI-8427: Contacts - missing 'Middle Name' attribute.
  • BINXI-8969: SSO: Workspace ONE Boxer launch time is > 10 seconds on slow network.
  • BINXI-10219: "view calendar" under the card meeting title does nothing.
  • BINXI-8658: ISDK-172327 - DB unreadable - when a wipe should have occurred.
  • BINXI-10194: TouchID icon should not be present on 'Change Passcode' screen.
  • BINXI-9324: WOrkspace ONE Boxer stuck on splash screen after background in create passcode.
  • BINXI-10177: All the Passcode rules are not displayed at once.
  • BINXI-10026: Open-In not working, unable to encrypt file.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE 3.3.3 for Android
Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • HW-95206: Addressed internal app installations in registered mode.

Introducing VMware Tunnel 3.2 for macOS
What’s New in this App Version

  • PPAT-3690: Added a new privacy notice that summarizes the data processed by VMware Tunnel.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Web 7.3 for Android
What’s New in this App Version

  • ABRW-171520: Bookmark search support


Known Issues

ARES-7116: Extended load times when opening Catalog or People tabs in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

  • VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub users (on either iOS or Android) may experience extended load times when opening Catalog or the People Search tab.


  • Shared SaaS: Shared SaaS environments will be updated by VMware teams; No follow-up action is needed.
  • Dedicated SaaS: Dedicated SaaS environments will be updated by VMware teams during corresponding regional off-hours depending on where the environment is hosted, as the patches are released. Dedicated SaaS customers can submit a support ticket to request a specific maintenance window.
  • On-Premises: As patches are made available for On Premises customers, they will be linked to this article. VMware recommends organizations plan to update their environments with this patch while following their change management policies.  

AAPP-6478: Setting the Wallpaper via MDM Fails Intermittently on iOS 12 Devices

  • After adding a wallpaper for home and/or lock screen, a newly enrolled iOS 12+ device will intermittently not display the configured wallpaper on either the home or lock screen, despite the command being successfully sent.


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