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Technical Requirements

  • UEM Console version requirements: 1811 or higher

  • Device side requirements: Windows 10 client OS version 1709 or newer

  • Recommended you run this process while the VM is "offline" so that you can ensure all apps are installed correctly in an offline state. Connect the VM to the network once the system reaches OOBE.

Setup Instructions

  1. Download Windows 10 Pro x64 from MSDN or MS volume license site
  2. Install on a fresh Virtual Machine
  3. Once the system gets to the out of box screen (OOBE), hit CTRL-SHIFT-F3 to enter "Audit Mode".
  4. Once at the desktop, drag and drop the PPKG, XML, and this tool to the desktop. (You might need to install VMware Tools if using VMware Workstation to enable drag and drop. Restarting the machine will automatically boot it back into Audit mode.)
  5. Run the tool and select your PPKG and XML
  6. Click the appropriate button depending on your test case:
    • "Apply Apps Only" to only install apps
    • "Apply Full Process" to initiate the end to end process.
  7. Select "Restart" or "Shutdown" for the system behavior after applying Sysprep

New Features

  • Run silently or via script with new command line support
  • Supports automatic BitLocker decryption of Windows 10 clients
  • Bug fixes and improved logging
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