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Posted on January 28th, 2019


Product Announcements


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 5.3 for Android

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • BINXA-8538: Boxer not updating the configurations when assignment groups are updated.
  • BINXA-7582: Boxer cert auth configuration does not work with certificate chain.
  • BINXA-8720: Intermittent incorrect search results
  • BINXA-8979: Boxer PDF preview doesn't show text data
  • BINXA-8959: Unread' folder - Unable to swipe email to previous/next unread mail
  • BINXA-8441: flags are inconsistent with Boxer for iOS and iOS Native
  • BINXA-9117: Files in RTF email are not saved to Files
  • BINXA-9096: app crashing on Android device with a specific account.
  • BINXA-9166: Device calendars/contacts settings automatically gets enabled on force closing the app
  • BINXA-8820: Cancelled calendar events are not showing "Remove from Calendar" on email view
  • BINXA-8991: passcode strictness set in Exchange not being honored
  • BINXA-9077: Privacy and Battery optimization screens are shown after clicking on Select client certificate button
  • BINXA-9012: Event organizer account is getting changed to default account after coming back from any other activity
  • BINXA-9090: Unmanaged configuration: Boxer takes you back to Welcome screen after accepting permissions during Initial configuration
  • BINXA-9051: 'Enable contacts access' dialogue should be prompted before native device contacts permission prompt
  • BINXA-9112: Ripple effect on yes/no/maybe buttons is not correct
  • BINXA-9118: Dialog/Pop-up missing from new CV when long pressing on hyperlink
  • BINXA-9087: Tapping event on Calendar Widget opens email list instead of calendar event details
  • BINXA-9079: Boxer cannot correctly handle "[]" for recipients
  • BINXA-6628: Notification text gets aligned to the right after removing the reminder
  • BINXA-9095: Calendar hero card does not show the updated time
  • BINXA-9093: Unmanaged Account: Boxer is crashing while trying to create an event when calendar permissions are disabled
  • BINXA-9055: Attachment download progress not visible
  • BINXA-6653: Outbox count is not working with 4.11
  • BINXA-9085: "Issue fetching availability" dialogue missing on when you open a event and tap on Invitees field

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence January 23rd, 2019 Release

What’s New

  • Select Menu Options from the Reports Overview: In previous releases, you selected filters, edited columns, and previewed data from the Edit window. Now you can take these actions from the Report Overview screen.
  • Date/Time Stamps Now in Local Admin Time Zone: Updated the Reports UI to clearly display the local admin's time zone for admin actions.
  • Select Multiple Reports for the List View: You can now select multiple reports to see on the List View, so you can perform bulk Delete actions. You can still perform management actions on single reports from this view.
  • Share Reports: You can share reports with multiple recipients by using the Share option, which was changed from Send.


Known Issues

AAPP-6059: Behavior of OS Update command is inconsistent between iOS and macOS

InstallASAP command for OS updates behaves inconsistently between iOS and macOS devices.

  • For iOS, when the update is not downloaded, sending this command will result in an error message: Error code 12059.
  • For macOS, upon receiving the command, the device downloads the update, if needed, and installs it.

ALAU-170274: Power Off is not available on Samsung Devices Utilizing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 9.0.1+ with VMware Launcher

With the introduction of VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 9.0.1 for Android, administrators can utilize Samsung APIs in VMware Launcher profiles deployed to devices in Work Managed mode. This change in functionality may unintentionally disable the end user’s ability to shut down the device. Workaround information and more details can be found in the full article.

ARES-7116: Extended load times when opening Catalog or People Search tabs in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub users (on either iOS or Android) may experience extended load times when opening Catalog or the People Search tab. The VMware development team will be actively releasing patches for the Workspace One UEM versions 1810 and 1811. More information such as patch information and mitigation steps can be found in the full article.



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