RUGG-5166: Power Off is not available on Samsung Devices Utilizing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 9.0.1+ with VMware Launcher


With the introduction of VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 9.0.1 for Android, administrators can utilize Samsung APIs in VMware Launcher profiles deployed to devices in Work Managed mode. This change in functionality may unintentionally disable the end user’s ability to shut down the device.


The change may occur as the most restrictive security policies are applied to devices unless they are otherwise specified by a Workspace ONE administrator. The Android profile (formerly Android Enterprise) does not display the Power Off feature displayed in the UI. As a result, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub receives a profile without the explicit permission to display the Power Off feature.


Customer Impact

Work Managed Samsung devices which utilize VMware Launcher with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 9.0.1 or higher may not display the option to power down.



At this time, the Workspace ONE team is working to bring this option back into the UI so this unintended policy application will no longer happen. Administrators who wish to continue displaying the Power Off feature, can use a Custom XML setting in order to change the restriction in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.


<characteristic type= "" uuid="568bc89d-1df8-4ce9-a041-e5a24acdb7ec">
<parm name= "AllowPowerOff" value="true"/>


Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


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