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Posted on January 15th, 2019


Product Announcements

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for macOS to end support for OS versions below macOS 10.12 Sierra
With the next release of VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (formerly known as the AirWatch Agent) for macOS, VMware will no longer support OS versions below macOS 10.12 Sierra. All other supported versions of macOS 10.12 and above will continue to be supported. Please refer to the release notes for the appropriate version of Intelligent Hub for more specific version support information.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE SDK 18.11.1 for iOS (Swift)
What’s in this SDK Version

  • ISDK-172384: Added mailto redirection improvements for triggering email composition In Boxer from an SDK app.
  • Added support for Xcode 10.1.

Bugs Fixed in this SDK Version

  • ISDK-172673: Resolved an issue where a rare status code from device services was not being handled correctly in the SDK and could cause enterprise wipes.


Upcoming Changes to Cloud Messaging Services in Environments Utilizing Android Devices
Google has announced that they are deprecating GCM effective April 11th, 2019 in favor of a new cloud-messaging platform they released called Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). VMware is working diligently to update the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to using the new Google standard of FCM. All customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade their VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console and Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application to the versions that contain support for Firebase Cloud Messaging. The Workspace ONE Team is currently working to provide FCM compatibility in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and Workspace ONE UEM releases slated for the first quarter of 2019. Customers who would like to be informed when new patches are available should subscribe to this article.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence January 9th, 2019 Release
What’s New

  • Workspace ONE Intelligence Mobile App Analytics: Track usage, adoption, and engagement for your internal enterprise applications using the Apteligent by VMware SDK. You can search and register your internal applications under "Apteligent" in Settings. When the SDK is initialized you automatically start seeing your App Loads, Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU) information in our Apps feature. In addition, you can use the My Dashboard > Add Widget feature to create widgets based on App Loads data. Use the templates provided or customize them to create the widgets which best serve your organizational needs.
  • New Automation Action for Device Ownership: Use the Automation action that allows admins to change device ownership types in the Workspace ONE Intelligence console for VMware Workspace ONE UEM deployments. For example, admins can change the ownership type of a device from corporate-dedicated to employee owned in the Intelligence console and the system makes the change in the Workspace ONE UEM Console.
  • Confirm My Dashboard Design Changes: Workspace ONE Intelligence now allows admins to confirm their design changes on My Dashboard before saving and publishing. 
  • New Templates for OS Updates: Use new widget templates for OS Updates. Some new templates include Windows Devices with Errors, Critical and Security Updates Approved, and Non-Critical and Non-Security Updates Needed.
  • Compare Up to Five Groups in Tables: Use the grouping mechanism in dashboards so you can compare up to five groups for table charts.


Introducing VMware Tunnel 3.2.0 for iOS
What's New in this App Version

  • PPAT-3690: Added a new privacy notice that summarizes the data processed by Tunnel.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 5.2.1 for Android
Bugs Fixed in this App Version.

  • BINXA-9230: Boxer does not configure or sync correctly on some Samsung devices


Known Issues

AAGNT-185222: Background Data is Restricted on LG G4 devices
When enrolling an LG G4 device, the background data will be blocked with the following notification on end-user devices: 
Background data restricted, touch to remove restriction. 

Upon tapping the prompt, users are provided the following message: 
Restrict background data cannot be disabled by server policy.

More details regarding this known issue can be found in the article.


VMware Workspace ONE Boxer Battery Optimization Settings may not Initially be Visible on Samsung Devices Running Android 8.0 or Android 9.0
Starting with VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 5.2 for Android, it is recommended that users disable battery optimization doing so ensures timely delivery of new email and calendar event notifications. On Samsung devices running Android 8.0 and Android 9.0, Workspace ONE Boxer may not be visible in the battery optimization setting screen as expected.
More information regarding this issue can be found in the full article.

Device Management

New Features for Android Managed Google Play Store in Workspace ONE UEM Console
Google Play has released several exciting new features over the last few weeks which are available to Workspace ONE UEM administrators today without an upgrade to the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or the VMware Workspace ONE UEM console.

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