New Features for Android Managed Google Play Store in Workspace ONE UEM Console


In all supported versions of the Workspace ONE UEM console, the managed Google Play Store is the recommended way to manage all your application deployment use-cases for Android devices. This managed Google Play loads in an iframe whenever a public app is added when Android Enterprise is enabled. This iframe is opened through API integration with Google Play and is not hosted by VMware.

Google Play has released several exciting new features over the last few weeks which are available to Workspace ONE UEM administrators today without an upgrade to the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or the VMware Workspace ONE UEM console!


New Features

These new features are already available to Workspace ONE console administrators when adding a public app on an organization group with Android Enterprise enabled. Once the iframe is loaded, the new options are available in the left-hand menu. Each of these new features are described in the following sub-sections.

Simple Publishing Private Apps

The Private apps flow has been drastically improved to remove the need to add every piece of information normally needed for a public app and condensed it into an APK and a Title. Uploading through the iframe publishes the app in as little as 10 minutes and waives the $25 fee required to publish apps. Additional information such as a description, images, and more can be added in the Advanced options after uploading.

Note: Private apps uploaded through the iframe can never be made public apps.




Web Apps

Web applications can be managed on Android devices just like public apps. In order to do so, administrators must set the title, URL, display mode, and icon. Google Play will do the rest.




Organizing Apps

The managed Play Store experience for your users can be made to look and feel just like the Google Play on personal device. Workspace ONE administrators can simplify access to recommended apps by adding applications into collections which will then be displayed as swim lanes on the managed Play Store. When using this feature, there is a minimum requirement of one collection at all times. Apps which have not been assigned to a collection can only be found in the managed Play Store using the search functionality.

Note: Once an environment has begun using collections the managed Google Play cannot be reverted to an earlier state. Because the change to collections cannot be rolled back, customers are highly encouraged to test the feature in a sandbox environment to ensure it aligns with the desired end-user experience and functionality before rolling it out to any production environments.



Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


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