UAG-4036: In TLS port share use case, vpnd service starts listening on 443 instead of 8443 upon service restart (Hyper-V deployment only)




Version Identified

UAG 3.4



On Hyper-V deployment vpnd service will start listening on port 443 instead of 8443 upon service restart and the applications using Per-App Tunnel functionality would no longer continue to work.  

Note: This only affects customers using port 443 for Per-App Tunnel configuration.  



A current workaround is to change the file permission of /opt/vmware/gateway/scripts/hyperenv file to Readable using the following command:

chmod 0744 /opt/vmware/gateway/scripts/hypervenv 

Then, log into the admin UI and configure the Tunnel Gateway. 

Note: For UAG upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4 using the existing .ini/json scenario, make the above changes and re-save the Tunnel Gateway configuration on the UAG Admin UI. 


Fix Version

Our product team has been engaged and is actively working to resolve the issue. 

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