Issues with Android Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Upgrade from Version to 9.0.1


Last week, a future version of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub ( was mistakenly published to Production on Google Play, replacing version This version was available for approximately 41 minutes.  In order to revert to the existing Hub code base as the previous version (, a new build was created with no new changes, as version, and uploaded and re-published in Google Play. 

In addition, last week we released Intelligent Hub version 9.0.1 to the Google Play Store, which was the intended release. Users who received and then the upgrade to 9.0.1 may be susceptible to the following symptoms: 

Applicable to all enrollments: 

  • Intelligent Hub is stuck on the splash screen page (If ‘Key Encryption with User Input’ is enabled). 
  • Intelligent Hub is prompting the user to enter enrollment credentials, even though the device is already enrolled (If ‘Key Encryption with User Input’ is disabled).

Legacy enrollments using Device Administrator:

  • Intelligent Hub will lose Device Administrator permissions after the upgrade.

Legacy enrollments with Knox Container:

  • Knox container will be removed.

When the device is experiencing these issues, management policies applied through Workspace ONE prior to the app upgrade will be enforced on the device, but new policies cannot be applied.


Customer Impact

The VMware Workspace ONE team will be releasing a new version of the Intelligent Hub this week that will resolve the issue. The resolution path depends on the type of enrollment: 

  • Android enterprise: Users will need to upgrade to the new version of Intelligent Hub. No further action is required.
  • Legacy enrollment with Device Administrator: After the Intelligent Hub upgrade, the user will be prompted to grant Device Administrator permissions for Intelligent Hub.

For Legacy enrollments with the Knox container, the user will have to re-enroll. The user can re-enroll with the current 9.0.1 build.


Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE  portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

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