Introducing VMware Advanced Remote Management 5.0 for Android

The VMware Workspace ONE team is excited to announce that VMware Advanced Remote Management 5.0 for Android is publicly available.

What’s New in this App Version

  • RUGG-5560: Support for Device Models with Multiple Keyboard Layouts (for example, Zebra MC33).
  • RUGG-5559: Privacy Enhancements for GDPR (such as, Privacy Policy link, persistent on-device notification for Android).
  • RUGG-5558: On-Demand Screen Capture screenshot stored on console user's PC.
  • RUGG-5557: On-Demand Screen Recording stored on console user's PC.
  • RUGG-5556: New Look and Feel.

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • RUGG-5605: Unattended ARM Session prompts.
  • RUGG-5337: File download issue where some files go missing in the download.
  • RUGG-5176: Installer UI improvement - Apply Default Settings must be moved to the second section.
  • RUGG-5172: Text overlapping issue is observed on the Battery section when the battery percentage reaches 100%.

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading VMware Advanced Remote Management 5.0 for Android.

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.3+
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (AirWatch Agent) 7.0+
  • Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) 9.2+
  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

How to Download VMware Advanced Remote Management 5.0 for Android

  • Prior Version is Installed: Uninstall previously pushed version. Next follow the steps below for when the Prior Version is Not Installed.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed: Download the package specific to your OEM from the Resource Portal in My Workspace ONE and follow the included instructions. Push the App to your devices through Product Provisioning or Apps & Books.

Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket with the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

Other Languages: 日本語

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