How to submit a Support Request in the My Workspace ONE Portal

To submit a technical support request in the My Workspace ONE portal, you must be listed as an AW Technical Admin for your company's account. For details on how to obtain this role, please reference the following articles:

In order to submit a new support request, please start at the Menu icon located on the top left of the page. 


Click on the Support tab and select Get Help. This will redirect you to a new page with a search bar. 


By describing your issue in the provided field or by clicking on the icons below the search bar, you can narrow your search results. 


You will be directed to a variety of resources which address your issue as you continue along this process. 


If the resources presented do not resolve the issue, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the option to Create a Support Request


Finally, you will view a page that allows you to enter your environment details, ticket subject, ticket description, and any individuals who you would want to CC on the ticket. Suggested solutions will be displayed on the right-hand side as well.


If you are unable to submit a support request, please call your local support line.

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