iOS Manual Profile Installation Update


Apple recently released the first beta for iOS 12.2. One of the announced changes in that beta is a new experience for profile installations called “manual profile installation”. This change results in enrollments no longer automatically redirecting from Safari to the iOS Settings to install the MDM or configuration profile. The user must now manually navigate to system settings to install the profile.

These changes are part of the iOS platform and not the Workspace ONE platform. See the video below for an example.



Customer Impact

This occurs for enrollments initiated from Safari (web enrollment) or a client app (Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or Workspace ONE app). Devices receiving the MDM profile through DEP and the installation of other configuration profiles (passcode, restrictions, Wi-Fi, etc.) are unaffected.


Workspace ONE Platform Updates

VMware is making changes to Workspace ONE UEM as well as Intelligent Hub App to include instructions and navigation links where possible in the enrollment flow assisting users to complete enrollment successfully.

While VMware does not provide active support for beta features for Apple platforms, it is important to know that our product team is working with Apple to provide feedback and update our applications and services as needed to accommodate this change.

We will update this page with more information when it is available.


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