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Posted on December 3rd, 2018

Product Announcements

Changes to Entrust Certificate Authority Integration to Support Custom Managed Certificate Authority Name

As part of the cumulative patch and all Workspace ONE Console release, VMware Workspace ONE is implementing a change for the Certificate Authority configuration with SCEP. Previously, the Managed CA value in the profile XML pushed to the device was always be set to ‘Airwatch’, regardless of what was configured by the administrator in the ‘Managed CA’ field of the Certificate Template. Moving forward, we are allowing administrators to change this value. More information regarding the impact of this change is available in the full article.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Send 1.2 for iOS

What's New in this App Version

  • ISCL-176936: Send will support multiple apps such as VMware Workspace ONE Content and VMware Workspace ONE Web once those apps have released applicable updates.

Known Issues in this App Version

  • ISCL-177199: New configurations of Send will require customers to perform an admin consent for their Azure environment by signing in to Send on a mobile device and using admin credentials to log in and perform the consent on behalf of the organization. Refer to this article from Microsoft for additional information.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Content 4.16 for iOS

What's New in this App Version

  • PR-191070: Admin setting to disable user's ability to disable the screen timeout

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • ISCL-176187: App intermittently shows ‘Offline access is restricted’ prompt
  • ISCL-177139: Files are not syncing for some repositories
  • ISCL-176984: Japanese characters are garbled only when some specific PDF files are opened
  • ISCL-176786: Navigation to pages in a PDF file fails when the PDF index created by Adobe FrameMaker is tapped
  • ISCL-176940: On-Screen keyboard fails to handle repository authentication prompt inputs
  • ISCL-176794: Manual user repo name discards any characters which come after ‘&’ symbol
  • ISCL-176504: Some specific scanned pages of a PDF file are not rendering properly
  • ISCL-177154: Certain PDF files rendered in Workspace ONE Content show all characters in bold
  • ISCL-177107: Unable to move files within the repository
  • ISCL-176634: App is crashing on iPad 3 while adding pictures in Polaris and PSPDF
  • ISCL-177072: Unable to create folder in One Drive repository
  • ISCL-177158: Folder count shows up incorrectly in a repository
  • ISCL-177130: File disappears after renaming it from NFS
  • ISCL-177093: Alert is not shown appropriately for unsaved files in the Photo Library when user aborts while adding pictures or videos
  • ISCL-176956: Status bar and navigation bar are not shown when Night mode is enabled in app
  • ISCL-176718: Unable to edit audio annotations after saving the file due to PSPDF issue
  • ISCL-176501: Unable to add notes to annotations in a PDF file on an iOS 9 device
  • ISCL-175235: HUD view is not visible while extracting a zip
  • ISCL-176223: Add RTL support tutorial


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • HUB-1680: UEM console displays incorrect ownership assignment.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Content 3.16 for Android

What's New in this App Version

  • ASCL-174592: Provided a configuration to mitigate lockout of AD accounts in restricted situations

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • ASCL-173793: Content does not appear when the device enrolls first with a standalone app other than Content app
  • ASCL-174589: Scrolling through certain files causes ‘Limited view, Not enough memory’ error
  • ASCL-174675: Specific bar graph does not render inside a .pptx file
  • ASCL-174376: Switching to In-camera does not work on Sony and ASUS devices
  • ASCL-174567: Unable to access Google Drive
  • ASCL-174664: App crashes when SharePoint and OneDrive repository is selected
  • ASCL-174669: OneDrive page does not load when the device language is changed
  • ASCL-174663: Limited view error is displayed when the content is viewed from Boxer
  • ASCL-174590: Content which is not marked as Favorite gets added as favorite
  • ASCL-174524: App crashes on cancelling upload
  • ASCL-174519: App crashes and reopens continuously
  • ASCL-174456: By default, repository name is filled in the username field when manual repository is added from the device
  • ASCL-174455: Switching to In-camera does not work on the Sony Z3 device
  • ASCL-174406: Privacy module screen is not displayed when the app is killed and relaunched
  • ASCL-174338: Max failed attempts counter starts when the server is down, and the app wipes off even when the server is up, and the user provides valid credentials
  • ASCL-174448: Multiple content details are shown at a time
  • ASCL-174383: App crashes when the agent is unenrolled, and the app is launched
  • ASCL-174041: UI layout does not align from right to left on the share document page for AR and HE locales


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 5.1 for iOS

What's New in this App Version

  • BINXI-9525: Allow Boxer to fetch the full list of certificates from the console endpoint.
  • BINXI-9534: Improvements to the New Conversation View.
  • BINXI-9706, BINXI-9665, BINXI-9653, BINXI-6896: Improvements for voice over accessibility.

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • BINXI-10029: Unable to open links from Boxer into Web when hyperlinks are restricted, and Safari is disabled via restrictions profile.
  • BINXI-8245: Unable to copy UNC link.
  • BINXI-7559: Calendar acceptance with option "response without comments" is not working as expected.
  • BINXI-7974: Connectivity Loss when VPN Connected.
  • BINXI-9554: iOS Boxer showing incorrect number of attendees.
  • BINXI-8293: The people list count in an invite doesn't match the received invite number.
  • BINXI-9544: Calendar meetings are broken when response is sent from Boxer.
  • BINXI-9630: Calendar is taking a long time to load.
  • BINXI-9424: Boxer crash while using Boxer search.
  • BINXI-7813: Email format display issue.
  • BINXI-9335: Meeting time is not updated in notification when device timezone is changed.
  • BINXI-9848: VIP contact list is not sorted alphabetically.
  • BINXI-7378: Week numbers in month view in case of Boxer calendar.
  • BINXI-9846: "Notifications for VIP Contacts" is still turned on and cached for a new profile.
  • BINXI-1695: When user change the orientation while deleting a contact then the delete confirmation pop up location moves to the middle.
  • BINXI-9787: Yomi name is not displayed in contact search.
  • BINXI-9782: Boxer stuck on Screen Spinner (recovers after a few seconds).
  • BINXI-5897: Large email address overlaps with "To" in the compose screen.
  • BINXI-9744: Canceling search in favorites/recent tab loads all contacts data rather than favorites/recent.
  • BINXI-6626: Boxer does not navigate to previous screen when an email id is clicked to view the contact details.
  • BINXI-9520: Default signature not showing when enrolled, and there is no signature set.
  • BINXI-9837: Bottom bar disappears on deleting an email and clicking on undo.
  • BINXI-9842: VIP notifications not getting disable/greyed out when 'Use Push Service' is toggled off.
  • BINXI-6489: When Gmail is the selected account for contacts 'add' should not be shown from email contact
  • BINXI-9839: DB error when adding the same VIP twice.
  • BINXI-9887: Actions like flagging and marking email read/unread are not working on emails with IRM policy.
  • BINXI-9563: With Boxer profile copy/paste restricted replace does not replace the text.


Introducing Workspace ONE UEM 1811 for SaaS

What's New:

  • No more editing the login URL for your admins. Workspace ONE UEM now supports automatic SAML authentication.
  • Revoke access for Google accounts if an account violates compliance with the Token Revocation option on the Email Settings page.
  • Control the cost of licenses for your software distribution and OMA DM applications with the new App Approvals workflow.
  • We've updated the Workspace ONE UEM console to include additional support for Wi-Fi Proxy, Bluetooth, Backup service, and Update Information on Android.
  • Keeping your Windows Desktop devices configured and up-to-date with best practices is difficult. Workspace ONE UEM curates these best practices into configurations called Baselines.
  • Windows devices have a huge number of attributes associated. Harness the power of Sensors to target the specific devices you want.
  • For additional information, please see the Workspace ONE UEM 1811 release notes available in VMware Docs. 


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Send 1.2 for Android

What's New in this App Version

  • ASCL-174440: Send supports multiple apps such as VMware Workspace ONE Content and VMware Workspace ONE Web

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • ASCL-174611: Crashes when cancelling Accessibility Service
  • ASCL-174612: The word attachment is not getting attached to VMware Workspace ONE Boxer through Workspace ONE Send


Upcoming changes to Location Tracking on Windows 10

Location Tracking allows admins to keep track of the location of their Windows 10 devices.  Starting in Workspace ONE 1811, this functionality has been updated to use the native Windows 10 MDM capability for location tracking through CSP (RemoteFind CSP) on desktops rather than through the use of the VMware AirWatch Agent that is distributed through the Microsoft Store. Upon upgrading to Workspace ONE 1811, customers leveraging Location Tracking on their Windows 10 desktops no longer need to use or deploy the VMware AirWatch Agent in the Microsoft Store. The full impact of these changes can be found in the full article.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Email Notification Service 2 (ENS2) for On-Premise Installations

Bugs Fixed in this Software Version

  • ENS-1855: Migration script failure
  • ENS-1874: ENS FCM errors are seen when using CNS 2.0
  • ENS-1878: Failure to process the notification payload first on iOS devices cause the payload notification to fail on Android devices
  • ENS-1879: Issues serializing and deserializing JSON payload on Android
  • ENS-1895: Incorrect alert icon is displayed when upgrading ENS v2
  • ENS-1911: ENS badge counts aren’t visible on iOS Boxer
  • ENS-1921: Resubscription events cause badge counts to disappear when the app is killed
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