[Resolved] ISCL-177199 / ASCL-174662: VMware Workspace ONE Send for iOS and Android Shows Admin Consent


ISCL-177199 - iOS

ASCL-174662 - Android


Version Identified

VMware Workspace ONE Send - all versions



End users of the VMware Workspace ONE Send on both iOS and Android are prevented from using the app by the prompt shown below for Need admin approval. Users are unable to continue using the app. This issue issue is a result of Microsoft's Azure AD application consent experience. It is unknown what triggered this prompt as no known changes had been made to VMware Workspace ONE Send app or permissions when the issue was reported. 




In order to resolve this issue, customers can perform the admin consent on behalf of the entire Azure tenant by logging into Send with administrative credentials and checking the option to Consent on behalf of your organization. This process should only need to be completed once and will allow all users to continue using the app. It is not possible to perform this action within the Azure Portal



Fix Version

This issue was addressed with the release of VMware Workspace ONE Send 1.2

Other Languages: 日本語

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