VMware Advanced Remote Management Limitations with Dual Platform Keys


VMware Advanced Remote Management (ARM) as a product within the VMware Workspace ONE product suite requires a platform signed ARM Service application for each OEM’s platform keys for ARM to have full remote control of the device. Without the correct platform signature ARM is still able to provide “View Only” mode, File Manager, and the Command Line Interface.


Typically, each OEM has a single platform key across all devices so a single platform signature is released. Zebra is in the process of migrating the Platform key used for all their devices on an OS upgrade to Oreo (Android 8.1) to a newer key to improve device security.


ARM is not currently able to fully operate with a different platform key for the same device on an OS upgrade and requires a product change to handle this situation.


The exceptions to this case are the Zebra TC20 and TC25 devices which already use this new platform signature on Nougat (Android 7.1) and, as the signature is not changing, there is no impact. Customers will simply need to use the Zebra ARM Service specific to the TC20 and TC25.


Customer Impact

VMware is currently working with our partner, Zebra, to release a new ARM Service application for Zebra devices with the new Oreo platform signature. The change to allow ARM to use the new signature after the device upgrades to Oreo is still in progress and is targeted for an upcoming release.


It is therefore recommended for ARM customers to not upgrade Zebra devices to Oreo (Android 8.1) until a release which addresses this issue is available. If a device is upgraded before support for two platform signatures is available, ARM will still provide “View Only” mode, File Manager, and the Command Line Interface for the device.

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