Best Practices using AirWatch Launcher with Samsung DeX


Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) enables devices to connect to an external monitor, via docking station or HDMI cable, along with a keyboard and mouse to enter a PC-like experience, with resizable, multiple windows, drag-and-drop, and other typical desktop features. DeX, was previously incompatible with AirWatch Launcher. The incompatibility would force AirWatch Launcher to close and give the user full access to the device, including all apps and system settings. This incompatibility also resulted in crashes and other visual disturbances to the user.


In AirWatch Launcher 4.1 and Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 9.0, DeX is completely disabled by default. Workspace ONE administrators wishing to use DeX mode on Android Legacy devices will need to explicitly allow DeX usage. Admins wishing to use DeX mode on Work Managed devices will need to both disable COSU mode and allow DeX usage. Please see the Utilizing Samsung DeX with AirWatch Launcher for more information.


For Android Legacy and Work Managed devices where COSU is disabled and DeX is enabled, VMware has built in a function in AirWatch Launcher 4.1 to gracefully exit when DeX mode is initialized, and then re-enter AirWatch Launcher when DeX is closed.

Note: While the device is in DeX, the user will have full access to applications and settings.


Customer Impact

Samsung devices with an AirWatch Launcher profile installed will be unable to access DeX mode starting with Launcher 4.1 and Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 9.0. 


Administrators who allow DeX usage should strongly consider locking down DeX mode. By disabling DeX mode, users will be prevented from using DeX to escape the AirWatch Launcher. VMware supports application blacklisting and other configuration options specifically for DeX mode. Using these features, DeX can be configured to block access to settings and other unapproved applications.  Please refer to the Samsung DeX Features section of Custom Profile Support for Samsung Android Features


If AirWatch Agent 8.3 for Android or below or Launcher 4.0 or below are used, consider the following method of disabling DeX Mode:

  1. Create an Android Blacklist Application Group and add the package ID The app name can be assigned any value.
  2. Create an Android or Android Legacy Application Control profile, and apply thePrevent Installation of Blacklisted Apps setting


Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


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