VMware Advanced Remote Management (ARM) Requires a Specific Knox Library for use with Samsung Devices

Version Identified

All versions of VMware Advanced Remote Management (ARM)



Select Samsung devices are only available in View Only mode in VMware Advanced Remote Management without the option of attaining full control of the device.


Fix Version

Without a specific Knox library, full control is not possible on the device. The file name for current KNOX versions are shown below. In order to meet the Samsung Knox Library requirement, Samsung must release a firmware upgrade. Samsung is aware of the issue and the need for firmware upgrades for select devices; please report any models missing these libraries to Samsung.

KNOX Version Library Name
2.9 libremotedesktop_client.so
3.0 - 3.2 libknox_remotedesktopclient.so
3.2.1 and above
Up to Android 9.0 libknox_remotedesktopclient.so
Android 9.0 and above libknox_remotedesktopclient.knox.samsung.so

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