Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub General Availability Rollout Update


On 27th August 2018, we launched the beta for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. Intelligent Hub is an in-place replacement for the AirWatch Agent, enabling a more unified on-boarding experience. It also enables Workspace ONE UEM customers to easily embark on the digital workspace journey and enable new end user services.

Today, we are announcing the phased rollout schedule:

  • Intelligent Hub for iOS and Android are targeted to begin rollout on October 24th with rollout completion estimated on October 30th.
  • The rollout is incremental beginning in small percentages and scaling up to 100% worldwide on enrolled devices.
  • On October 24th, the Intelligent Hub will be available for direct download in the Apple App Store. 
  • Because of the way Google Play Store handles phased rollouts, an end user will be able to see the new Intelligent Hub app entry, but only a set percentage of users will be able to download the new Intelligent Hub app and instead would receive the old AirWatch Agent app. By October 30th, all end users will be able to access the new app in the Google Play Store.

Please note we cannot guarantee when a particular customer or user will see these updates during the rollout window, as app updates are primarily controlled by the respective app stores. Due to this, some existing users will get the updated app ahead of others. By the end of the rollout schedule, all existing users with enrolled devices with auto update enabled will get the updated app.

We follow the phased rollout schedule to ensure minimum disruption for our customers. If a critical issue arises during rollout, we may pause the rollout to assess the situation. Please bookmark or subscribe to this page and check back regularly, as we will communicate here in the event that our dates change. We will also communicate via this page when the rollout is complete.


Customer Impact

For existing AirWatch Agent users, there will be no impact to capabilities of an enrolled device once the update occurs and 100% of the AirWatch Agent use cases are supported by Intelligent Hub. We advise customers to notify end-users about the new app icon and name.

Customers are advised to review the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Day 1 Preparation guides for iOS and Android, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions. In preparation for for upcoming releases for Windows and macOS, please also ensure to review the documentation specific to Windows and/or macOS.

Please note, if customers wish to have direct access to all Intelligent Hub downloads in a single page, please use Additional information around the URL changes can be found here

Disclaimer: These target dates are provided for existing customers to plan internal communications to their end users. New customers should not make purchasing decisions based on the Intelligent Hub rollout schedule. We reserve the right to change these dates if a critical issue arises during the rollout.


Support Contact Information

To receive support or deliver feedback, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

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