After Hours Upgrade Windows Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


If an after hours weekend upgrade/maintenance request is needed, the customer or console administrator must reach out to their Account Executive. The Account Executive will then generate an after-hours Purchase Order with the SKU= VA-PS-UPGR-OFFHOURS. The Account Executive should also decide upon a weekend date and time with the customer, then submit a request through Zendesk for the after-hours maintenance window. 

Note: We recommend giving at least two weeks lead time to ensure SKU is processed correctly and resources allocated in a timely manner.

Create and assign the Zendesk ticket to Cloud Ops PMO and CC Will AugustinJC Sullivan.

Please leverage ticket Macro AST > SaaS Ops > Dedicated SaaS Upgrade. Be sure to indicate the requested off hours upgrade and a link to the purchase. 

If you are unable to access the Macros, be sure to include:
Environment Information:
Workspace ONE Current Version:
Workspace ONE Current Target for Upgrade:

Link to Purchase Order:
(Purchase Order with SKU = VA-PS-UPGR-OFFHOURS )

Requested Off Hours Upgrade Window
Note: Supported weekend upgrades windows are,  
Friday 9 PM to 1 AM ET  
Saturday 8 AM to 12 PM ET  
All times are noted in Eastern Time Zone, USA 

The submitted Zendesk ticket will be updated with the requested time and date as well as a link to the after hours purchase order.  

The maintenance window can be reserved without a Purchase Order however the requested maintenance has to be funded and/or approved by Cloud Services.  

Once all details are confirmed, Operations will proceed with the scheduled maintenance as requested. 

Public facing information FAQ on how to schedule an upgrade during normal business hours can be found here

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