[Resolved] INTEL-7849: Inaccurate Data due to Events in Pending State




Version Identified

Workspace ONE UEM 9.4+ (On-Premises)



Workspace ONE Intelligence custom reports and sync status pages show inaccurate count of devices or apps as compared to the Workspace ONE UEM console due to records stuck in a pending state in the UEM Database’s export queue. This occurs if the ADP_Export SQL Agent job doesn’t execute for a period either due to it being disabled or absent on the active SQL node.


Note: This only affects On-Premises customers. 



Workspace ONE UEM 9.4 – 9.6: A one-time script (found here) can be executed on the Workspace ONE UEM database to reset the status of such records, allowing them to be exported successfully. However, if future events/records become in pending state again, this script will need to be run again.

Workspace ONE UEM 9.3 and below: It is recommend to upgrade to the latest version of Workspace ONE UEM.


Fix Version

This issue has been resolved in Workspace ONE UEM 1810. 

Other Languages: 日本語

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