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Posted on October 8th, 2018


Product Announcements

Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.7 Upgrade Installer Pre-Requisite

  • On-Premises customers upgrading to Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.7 should advised that, there are minor updates to the VPP framework that require access to Apple’s API endpoints. The upgrade installer will need to reach out to the URLs specified in this article over port 443. These URLs are the same endpoint required for VPP functionality to appropriately integrate with Apple’s services.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE People 1.3.1 for iOS

  • What’s New in this App Version:
    PPF-1008: Upgraded to VMware AirWatch SDK 18.8 for iOS to provide better compromise detection.

Introducing VMware PIV-D Manager 1.2.1 for iOS

  • What’s New in this App Version:
    IPIVD-146: Adoption of the new SDK to improve compromise detection.

Security Vulnerability: Public Disclosure – September 27 2018 (CVE-2018-6979)

  • The VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management Console (AirWatch Console) contains a SAML authentication bypass vulnerability which can be leveraged during device enrollment. This vulnerability (CVE-2018-6979) may allow for a malicious actor to impersonate an authorized SAML session if certificate-based authentication is enabled. This vulnerability is also relevant if certificate-based authentication is not used, but the outcome of exploitation is limited to an information disclosure in those cases. For additional information, please refer to the advisory here.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Content 3.15 for Android

  • What's New in this App Version:
    ASCL-174511: Rebranding to align with the Workspace ONE brand. More information regarding our rebranding efforts can be found here.

  • Bugs Fixed in this App Version:
    ASCL-174578: App crashes in the passcode authentication screen in devices 6.0 and below.
    ASCL-174519: App continuously closes and re-opens.
    ASCL-174513: User names are truncated on ‘Share this folder’ page.
    ASCL-174548: App crashes during fresh install when the device locale is set to Turkish.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Send 1.1 for Android

  • What's New in this App Version:
    ASCL-174525: Rebranding to align with the Workspace ONE brand. More information regarding our rebranding efforts can be found here.

Introducing AirWatch Agent 5.8.2 for iOS

  • Bugs Fixed in this App Version:
    IAGNT-170666: Resolved issue with string formatting causing incorrect behavior.
    IAGNT-170671: Adopt new SDK to improve compromised detection.

Announcing Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.7 for On-Premises

  • The VMware Workspace ONE Team is excited to announce that the Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.7 installer has been extended to on-premises customers and is now available for download in My Workspace ONE here.


Known Issues

AAPP-5958: Duplicate records may appear for iOS devices synced from DEP

  • Symptoms:
    Duplicate records of the same device serial number will appear in the Enrollment Status page for iOS devices being synced from the Device Enrollment Program or Apple Business Manager.
    No functional issues related to the duplicate entries have been found at this time.

AAPP-5938: Moving devices from one OG to another will set Bluetooth settings to OFF

  • Symptoms:
    When moving iOS devices from one Organization Group (OG) to another, the Managed Settings pushed down to the device for that OG will always include the setting to toggle Bluetooth settings to OFF regardless if the settings are listed as ON.

  • Workaround:
    When a device moves to a new OG and the Bluetooth is toggled OFF incorrectly, an admin can manually send the command to re-enable Bluetooth ON.

CMEM-184859: MEG Queue Service majority of system memory after Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.7 upgrade

  • Symptoms:
    MEG Queue service consumes majority of system memory on Console and Device Services servers, and eventually stops, especially for environments with shared devices.

  • SaaS Customers (Shared & Dedicated):
    Our teams have mitigated the issue by applying scheduled clean up jobs as as no downtime was expected to implement the mitigation plan to SaaS environments.

  • On Premises Customers:

    A patch with the fix for this issue will be available soon and a link to the patch will be posted within the article article.


Device Management

Upcoming changes to VMware AirWatch Agent for Windows Desktop

  • In the next release of the VMware AirWatch Agent for Windows Desktop, the product name will be changing to VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. This Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will be released as version 18.10 following the new year.month naming convention for Workspace ONE UEM and related products.

Workspace ONE Book Catalog UDID Changes

  • Many organizations have been deploying the Workspace ONE book catalog using the Web Clip payload in the Apple iOS platform profile. Now, a more recent and secure lookup value for handling the device UDID in Workspace ONE UEM 9.7+. Please visit the article for more information on how to incorporate this change.
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