Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.7 Upgrade Installer Pre-Requisite

Pre-Requisite Information 

For On-Premises customers upgrading to Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.7, there are minor updates made to the VPP framework that require access to Apple’s API endpoints. More specifically, the installer will be reaching out to the URL below over port 443. This is the same endpoint required for VPP functionality to appropriately integrate with Apple’s services. 

As a reminder, please ensure that the server you are running the Workspace ONE UEM database upgrade installer on has the recommended network requirements to access Apple’s services. This is true if an outbound proxy is also configured from your server. 

Note: This prerequisite does not apply for environments where VPP has not been used.

In addition, customers should not proceed to continue to the Workspace ONE UEM application installation until they have successfully run the MigrationTasksRunner tool. This requires opening the ports necessary to communicate with Apple and re-running the MigrationTaskRunner. 

Destination Component Protocol Port Notes 




Apple iOS and macOS only 




Apple iOS and macOS only

Apple iTunes






Apple iOS and macOS only

Please refer to our On-premises Architecture Network Requirementsguide for information if needed.



If you run the Workspace ONE database upgrade installer on a server that does not have access to the appropriate destination, the following error will occur during the database upgrade: 

“MigrationTasksRunner.exe failed to run correctly. Please check the log for errors and run it manually after the installation completes by running <filepath>. Log files is located at <filepath>/MigrationTasksRunner”


The error in the log will appear as: 

“Error while running VppAccountCountryCodeUpdateTask task”


Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE  portal or call your local support line.


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