Workspace ONE Book Catalog UDID Changes

Many organizations have been deploying the Workspace ONE book catalog using the Web Clip payload in the Apple iOS platform profile. This is done by configuring a URL with a dynamic endpoint for the device UDID so the appropriately assigned books appear on the end user’s device. This is possible through “lookup values” in the Workspace ONE UEM console. There is now a more recent and secure lookup value for handling the device UDID in Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.7+. Please read below for how to incorporate this change.

For the book catalog, the legacy URL would appear as below:

OLD: https://<Environment>/Catalog/BookCatalog?uid={DeviceUid}


As of Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.7+, there has been a change to this URL to use a newer lookup value to encrypt the device UDID. The new book catalog should use:

NEW: https://<Environment>/Catalog/BookCatalog?uid={SecureDeviceUdid}

After upgrading to 9.7+, admins should edit the URLs of their book catalog profiles to incorporate this change. The previous lookup value will continue to work but is less secure than the new lookup value and may eventually be deprecated.


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