Resolved / Known Issues in Android Content Beta version 3.15

Resolved Issues

  • ASCL-174578 Content crashes in passcode auth screen in 6.0 devices and below
  • ASCL-174194 Please use the same localization folder for pt as ASDK
  • ASCL-174519 CL continuously closes and re-opens
  • ASCL-174513 [Core] User names are truncated on "Share this folder" page
  • ASCL-174548 [TR] Content Locker Crashes when Fresh Install on Turkish

Known Issues

  • ASCL-174303 Unable to render PPT's in Content Locker properly which has percentage formatters.
  • ASCL-173793 Content doesn't appear when enrolled with a standalone app with any other app first
  • ASCL-173948 Insufficient memory issue while viewing the particular document
  • ASCL-174275 IOS/Android SCL| Unable to launch the file due to memory issues.
  • ASCL-174359 SCL | Excel file content is displayed in a wrong way for Hebrew language
  • ASCL-174223 Displaying an empty PDF file in Content Locker on Android
  • ASCL-174572 Crash when opening a spreadsheet with charts on certain android devices
  • ASCL-174330 Unable to render PDF annotation with Arrows and Text Boxes.
  • ASCL-174547 Uploading larger files to a Google Drive repository fails via Android content locker.
  • ASCL-174416 CLONE - Google Play Services prompts on application launch when disabled
  • ASCL-174228 CLONE - Content Locker truncates Ip addresses in .csv format.
  • ASCL-174051 Excel form is not working correctly in Content Locker
  • ASCL-174302 When hyperlinks are clicked within pdf file using Android Content locker saves as bookmark instead of redirect to specified page.
  • ASCL-174361 Uploading videos 100 MB to SP fails
  • ASCL-174254 Zooming out certain xlsx file is causing content locker to reboot.
  • ASCL-174509 Android SCL| While zooming in and out specific xlsx and pdf files, it shows not enough memory
  • ASCL-173758 Attachments with context in Thai Language not shown correctly
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