New email notification requirements in Workspace ONE Boxer for Android


Starting November 1, 2018, Google will require that all application updates target Android 8.0, which introduces Background Execution Limits for third party Android applications. This requirement limits Workspace ONE Boxer's background activity and reliable email notifications to users will not be possible without the use of VMware Email Notification Service 2 (ENS2).

You can find out more information about Google’s new app update requirements here.


Customer Impact

To ensure a satisfactory experience with Workspace ONE Boxer for Android, ENS2 will be required for a new email notification delivery. ENS2 provides new email notifications for the root inbox folder only and is available as a hosted and on premises offering.
Note: Support for inbox subfolders is planned as a future enhancement. 

ENS2 support for Android will require an updated version of Workspace ONE Boxer, and is under development and planned to be generally available before November 1, 2018; a beta is currently ongoing. 

Updates to Workspace ONE Boxer for Android configuration settings will need to be made in the Workspace ONE UEM Console for existing hosted (SaaS) ENS2 deployments. An upgrade to the ENS2 server alongside configuration changes in the Workspace ONE UEM Console will be required for existing ENS2 On-Premises deployments.

ENS functionality needs to be configured via appconfig KVPs for the Workspace ONE Boxer client through the Workspace ONE UEM  console. This functionality is configured under the Apps & Books menu, using the same existing Workspace ONE Boxer AppConfig Keys which are also used by iOS devices currently as outlined in chapter 2 of the ENS Guide, which can be found in the VMware Docs portal.
Legacy ENS1 will not be updated to support Workspace ONE Boxer for Android.

The same API token can be used for Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS and Workspace ONE Boxer for Android, as well as across all of a customer’s environments.

For additional information regarding the benefits of VMware Email Notification Service 2 and an installation and configuration guide, please refer to the ENS2 product page here.


Support Contact Information

To receive support or deliver feedback, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


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