Resolved / Known Issues in 4.15 Beta

Resolved Issues

  • ISDK-172497 Devices incorrectly reported as compromised during wired backup
  • ISCL-177012 App crashes after enabling Night Mode and navigating to Feed on iOS 12
  • ISCL-176819 Alert not triggered for Camera during file abort
  • ISCL-177088 App crashes on going offline, when an "online viewing only" document is open
  • ISCL-177079 Intermittent - App crashes after upgrade when there are downloads in the Transfers queue
  • ISCL-177093 Alert is not shown for Photo Library flow if user abort while adding pictures or videos

Known Issues

  • ISCL-176187 CLONE - Airwatch apps intermittently showing "Offline access is restricted" prompt
  • ISCL-176824 Content Locker not displaying certain PDF files correctly
  • ISCL-176594 AFSOC: O-Auth resets after 24 hours for vIDM authentication to Office 365 repository
  • ISCL-176957 One docx Word document crashing SCL
  • ISCL-176629 IOS/Android SCL| Unable to launch the file due to memory issues.
  • ISCL-176203 Epub books do not open in Content Locker
  • ISCL-176788 SCL | Excel file content is displayed in a wrong way for Hebrew language
  • ISCL-176907 iOS Content Locker app frozen when opening specific .doc file.
  • ISCL-176786 Some of pdf indexes created by Adobe Frame-maker tap fails using iOS Content Locker 4.13.2
  • ISCL-176598 Content Locker truncates IP addresses in .csv format.
  • ISCL-176906 Edits to word files (doc format) in Content Locker are moving on save
  • ISCL-176570 PDF with signer certificate is not getting saved in Local storage post editing
  • ISCL-177016 Line spacing added to word Docs when modfied and saved in IOS content locker
  • ISCL-174658 Original styles are lost and replaced with new styles in Word documents after saving the file
  • ISCL-176774 Office files not reopened when user exits after making edits and saves as new file
  • ISCL-176794 Manual user repo name discards any characters which comes after & symbol
  • ISCL-176775 Upload file in offline, the file should get uploaded automatically after the user goes online
  • ISCL-177076 Editing a specific powerpoint file increases the size of the file by 10 MB.
  • ISCL-176940 Content locker On-Screen Keyboard fails to handle repository authentication prompt inputs
  • ISCL-177022 iOS Content Locker app freezes when opening a specific .docx file.
  • ISCL-176671 Container/ WS1 Registered iOS devices Browser not able to pull doc from content locker, content locker stuck in authenticating
  • ISCL-175705 iOS Content Locker failed to open a specific file
  • ISCL-175766 Some text was overlapped in pptx file
  • ISCL-176984 Japanese characters are garbled only when opening some specific PDF files in Content Locker on iOS devices.
  • ISCL-177037 Unable to edit pdf fields through content locker
  • ISCL-177125 insufficient memory error while opening an excel file
  • ISCL-175835 Recorded ‚ÄúAudio‚Äù files (.m4a format) from iOS Content Locker cannot be played on Windows media player or iTunes on Windows desktop/MAC.
  • ISCL-177073 SCL | iOS Keyboard opens briefly and closes aburuptly causing functionality impact.
  • ISCL-176504 Some specific scanned pages of a PDF file are not rendering properly
  • ISCL-176845 Issues with Template and Macro enabled file extensions
  • ISCL-176833 Improper increment of filenames
  • ISCL-176832 UI - In the list view, each cell should have the file info placed on a separate line from the icons.
  • ISCL-176795 No option to go back if user tries to add duplicate manual repository
  • ISCL-175694 Cannot display Japanese file name in zip file correctly.
  • ISCL-175994 Freezing when navigating to subsequent PPTX pages
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