Upgrade workaround to allow for additional SQL compatibility


In some scenarios, SQL upgrades or migrations are delayed, which can result in the SQL version and the Workspace ONE UEM Console versions being incompatible. When this occurs and an older version of the database installer is run to publish the database to the SQL Server (post SQL Server 2014), it may result in failures as the packaged tools in the installer only support up to SQL Server 2014. 



A workaround is available to allow older database installers to use SQL Server 2016 DAC framework tools. In order to do so, perform the following steps: 

  1. Run the latest database installer, which installs the SQL Server 2016 DAC framework tools.
  2. When presented with the installer Welcome screen, cancel the installation, as the DAC tools are installed prior to this. 
    The tools are installed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\DAC\bin and the key file in this directory is sqlpackage.exe
  3. Confirm the sqlpackage.exe file is in the directory mentioned above. Depending on what database versions you re moving from, you may see a 110 and 120 folder in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server directory.
  4. Check inside the 110 and 120 folders for a DAC folder. Upon locating the folder, rename this to "DAC-old". 
  5. copy the DAC folder from the 130 folder to the 110 and/or 120 folder. 

Upon completing these steps, you will then be able to run older versions of the database installer which point to the 110 or 120 folder and be able to publish to SQL Server 2016.

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