Custom Profile Support in AirWatch Launcher 4.1

AirWatch Launcher uses custom profiles to allow administrators to push advanced MDM features and other settings to Android devices that are not supported through the Workspace ONE UEM Console. The functions discussed in this article apply to AirWatch Launcher 4.1.


Using Custom Profiles

The Custom Settings payload allows admins to enter their own XML into a profile and apply the profile to devices. Follow the steps below using the custom XML code found in this article.

1. Configure the General profile and deployment options as desired.

2. Navigate to the Custom Settings profile and select Configure.

3. Add the associated XML below to the Custom Settings text box. 

  • This XML should contain the complete block of code as listed below, from <dict> to </dict>.
  • Administrators should configure each setting from <true /> to <false /> as desired. 
  • If certificates are required, then configure a Certificate payload within the profile and reference the PayloadUUID in the Custom Settings payload.

4. Select Save & Publish

Be sure you’re using the right characteristic type for your profile type:

  • For Android profiles, use characteristic type = ""
  • For Android (Legacy) profiles, use characteristic type = ""



In Launcher we provide only the option of toggling WIFI in the staging screen , but if the user wants to configure WIFI settings then he can long click on the WIFI icon to launch the native WIFI settings.
Since this setting has to be accessed in the Staging screen, the below custom xml must be pushed for the staging user (parent OG).

This can be configured by using below flag.

Custom XML:

<characteristic type="" uuid="568bc89d-1df8-4ce9-a041-e5a24acdb7ec">
<parm name="AllowStagingSettings" value="True"/>


Additional Information

For additional information regarding Custom Profile Support in previous versions of AirWatch Launcher visit the articles below:

Other Languages: 日本語

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