Upcoming branding changes to VMware applications


In order to align with the recent branding changes to the Workspace ONE UEM Console and the My Workspace ONE portal, all VMware secure productivity applications and SDKs will be rebranded under Workspace ONE. This update will include several changes including application names, splash screens, colors, logos, and styles across all productivity applications. This branding change will not affect usability, features or management. Please refer to the table below for details.

This update will begin in late September and go through November.

Old Name First Use Second Use Store Name Old Icon New Icon Timeline
AirWatch Agent VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Intelligent Hub 3OLU1AbVyp1n4qsiSKGd9aEiXhiHuxARsvhMABNAzHEumqxXjxf2FKGoBEXVjwLJDCQ_s300.png Hub_Final.png Complete: Android | iOS
macOS | Windows
VMware Boxer VMware Workspace ONE Boxer Workspace ONE Boxer Boxer - Workspace ONE unnamed.png Boxer_Final.png

Mid-November (iOS)
Complete: Android

VMware Browser VMware Workspace ONE Web Workspace ONE Web Web - Workspace ONE Browser.png Browser_Final.png Complete:
Android | iOS
VMware Content Locker VMware Workspace ONE Content Workspace ONE Content Content - Workspace ONE 1200x630wa.jpg Content_Final.png Complete:
Android | iOS
VMware People Search VMware Workspace ONE People Workspace ONE People People - Workspace ONE 246x0w.jpg People_Final.png Complete:
Android | iOS
VMware PIV-D Manager VMware Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager PIV-D Manager - Workspace ONE 1200x630wa.png PIV-D_Final.png End of October
VMware Verify VMware Workspace ONE Verify Workspace ONE Verify Verify - Workspace ONE 512x512bb.jpg Verify_Final.png TBD
VMware Workspace ONE Send (no change) VMware Workspace ONE Send Workspace ONE Send Send - Workspace ONE 512x512bb.jpg Send_Final.png Complete:
Android | iOS
VMware Tunnel VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel Workspace ONE Tunnel Tunnel - Workspace ONE apps.54035.13510798887557338.67cc707d-589e-4213-b558-c39462e402ad.6f61d023-3b85-43f7-9e90-4c0d2cfb82ef.png   Mid-November
AirWatch Software Development Kit VMware Workspace ONE Software Development Kit Workspace ONE Software Development Kit   N/A N/A End of October

All new branding icons can be found here (Tunnel will be added in the near future).


Applications distributed via the Workspace ONE UEM Console

If any Workspace ONE applications are distributed on the UEM console, the icon and app name will need to be updated manually. Perform the following steps to update the managed applications:

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books on the organization group where the application is assigned and select the application.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Upload the new icon and update the name of the application.


Support Contact Information

To receive support or deliver feedback, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team


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