BINXI-9164 / BINXA-8506: Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts might show as blank when using Boxer and Office 365


BINXI-9164 (iOS)
BINXA-8506 (Android)



When using any version of VMware Boxer and Office 365, Boxer experiences periodic re-syncs due to an unexpected server response. For iOS, the Inbox content might not display. Closing Boxer and re-opening the application will accelerate data recovery but will not resolve the issue. Emails can still be sent and notifications for new emails are received, however the content is not visible. Android content will be re-synced.


Similar behavior is also seen in Calendar and Contacts in iOS.



With the release of Boxer 4.15.2 for iOS, both platforms (iOS and Android) can automatically recover from the unexpected server response and re-syncs.


Fix Version

Our product team has been engaged and is actively working to resolve the issue. Our Microsoft Service Incident number is EX148356. We have informed Microsoft of the issue and this article will be updated once we confirm a resolution. If you have Microsoft Support, you may wish to reach out directly to Microsoft to learn more details around the status of this issue.

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