New Features and Technical Requirements - macOS Intelligent Hub Beta

New Features

  • New Name, Logo, and Colors
  • Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Software Distribution Blocking Apps enhancement (see below)

Technical Requirements

  • AW Console version requirements: 18.10 (RC build is available in UAT 135,137, or 138)
    • For Blocking Apps enhancement
    • All other features from previous console versions will continue to work.
  • Device side requirements: macOS 10.11 or higher


New Feature - Blocking Apps

In the 18.10 UEM Console, there will be a new section for configuration in Application configuration for defining Blocking Applications.

Enable Blocking Applications to define any applications or processes that might block the clean installation of a managed macOS applications.

Define applications that must be closed before the installation to prevent applications from being quit unexpectedly before saving. Additionally, the end-users will be notified on the device by the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to close the blocking applications.

When defining applications, if the app is in the /Applications/ folder, it can be defined as just the app name, and the path will be automatically discovered. For example "Firefox" or "".

Optionally, the full path to the exact app or process can be used, but is not advised if end-users do not have the ability to easily quit the app. Thus you should not block any faceless background apps or helper apps.

By disabling Blocking Applications, this will override any default blocking behavior and continue with the installation without any end-user interaction.


Testing this Beta

Options to deploy 4.0 Beta:

  • Use Bootstrap package feature to deploy to devices
  • Manually install the 4.0 Beta on a device

Uncheck Download & Install macOS Agent Post Enrollment in Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Apple macOS > Agent Application

  • This will prevent the Console from deploying the current GA version (3.1.1) on top of the Beta build.
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