New Features and Technical Requirements

New Features:

Android 8.0.0+ devices can be enrolled as Corporate Owned Personally Enabled to provide end users work and personal separation, while retaining management over the entire device. Corporate Owned Personally Enabled provides the management capability of fully managed devices, with the user experience of Work Profile.

Restrictions can be applied across the device, the work profile or both. For example:

  • Unknown sources can be disabled across the device to ensure that apps cannot be sideloaded.
  • The camera can be restricted in the Work Profile, but made available for personal use.

Apps can be blacklisted on the device outside the Work Profile, to ensure malicious apps cannot be accessed.

Technical Requirements for this version:

  • UEM Console (RC Available in UAT 135,137,138)
  • Android Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 9.0.0 (Beta2 Build and later)
  • Android device running OS version 8.0.0+


Corporate Owned Personally Enabled must be enabled under Android EMM Registration > Enrollment Settings > Fully-Managed Device Enrollments


Corporate Owned Personally Enabled devices must be enrolled during device setup. The following enrollment options available for Work Managed devices can be used:

  • Single bump using NFC
  • QR code

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub must be hosted externally and a custom download location must be provided within AirWatch Relay or in the QR code to ensure the device downloads Intelligent Hub during setup, and enrolls as Corporate Owned Personally Enabled.

More information for these enrollment methods are available here.

Restriction profiles 

The restriction profile now provides the ability to select where a restriction should be applied. 

  • Work Managed device: the restriction will apply across the device, outside the work profile. 
  • Work Profile: The restriction applies within the Work Profile only.

Note: All restrictions cannot be applied across Work Managed and Work Profile. If a restriction cannot be applied, the option will be disabled.

Application Control profiles

For Corporate Owned Personally Enabled devices, the application control profile can be applied on the Work Managed device or the Work Profile. Use Application Control to blacklist apps on the Work Managed device.

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