Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android Day One Preparation


Note: This document covers changes for existing AirWatch Agent for Android users when Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is releases. There are no changes to the current Workspace ONE app when the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is released. 

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application is a new release of what was previously the AirWatch Agent. It is the single destination where employees can securely access, discover, connect with, and act on corporate resources, teams, and workflows wherever they are and from any device.

The Intelligent Hub app will combine the user experience of the digital workspace of the Workspace ONE app with the line of business, monitoring, and support capabilities of the AirWatch Agent. All features currently in the Agent and Workspace ONE apps today will supported by the Intelligent Hub app but may have pre-requisites and caveats based on console version, mobile platform, IDM settings, and hosting vs On-Premises.

This article was created to be used as a guide and a tool for admins to prepare their deployments for devices upgrading to Intelligent Hub on day zero and the best path to migrate devices not currently leveraging these apps to begin using Intelligent Hub.

Below is the list of AirWatch Agent versions that will first receive the Intelligent Hub experience:

Platform Application Version Day One Preparation KBs



Click here



Click here



Click here



Coming soon!

We have a product overview presentation (with features and demonstration videos) as well as a  deep dive presentation here  

Chapter 1: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Day One Impact

The most important thing to understand when upgrading to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is what should be your organization’s expectations when it is first made available for devices.

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will be an in-place update to the existing AirWatch Agent across platforms. This means users experience will be exactly the same as any other app update with the only update being in-app visual and UX adjustments. An important item to keep in mind is:

No existing features of capabilities should be disrupted or dysfunctional after upgrading to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. 

All currently supported features will be available but will be appear with a new visual pattern and/or user experience. 

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application (hereby referred to simply as “Intelligent Hub”) is a rebranding of the same AirWatch Agent application your organization is already using. As a result, the migration will be as smooth as the upgrades for AirWatch Agent that your organization has come to expect.

If your devices are using the Workspace ONE application, you won’t be able to simply upgrade, the new application would need to be installed. Please see the Workspace ONE Migration Kit for more details.


Chapter 2: Migrate Existing Devices

Once you have successfully confirmed that your devices and users are prepared to update the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, the next step is determining a strategy for migrating your devices to the application. For most devices, this will be incredibly simple with little to no action needed from users or admins.

This section will go through the recommended steps to migrate devices to begin leveraging the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app for all use cases. For simplicity, we have broken these down by use case to select the one most important to your organization.

New Icon

AirWatch Agent Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
 Agent.png HubHomescreen.png 


Enrollment Flows

Android enrollment contains several different flows depending on use case, device type, and console configuration. It is important to know that the way a user or staging-user would enroll the device is unchanged from previous releases, though the screens may look different the steps and functionality are unchanged. 

The primary item to look for is what steps are needed to migrate users to the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub based on how they enrolled.

Management Status Migration Steps

Work Profile and Work Managed Device with Agent

Instruct user to upgrade their AirWatch Agent to the latest version. 

Work Profile with Workspace ONE app

  1. Unenroll device to remove the Work profile.
  2. Download the Intelligent Hub app.
  3. Re-enroll using the same credentials using the Intelligent Hub app.

Device Administrator for all enrollment flows (legacy)

Instruct user to upgrade their AirWatch Agent to the latest version.


AirWatch Agent to Intelligent Hub Feature Mapping

Below is a link to a PDF containing screenshots the outlines a before and after style outline of the features currently available in the public AirWatch Agent apps today and what visual changes can be expected in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.


Chapter 3: Call to Action

There are many things to consider and understand prior to your devices migrating to the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. Here we have added a few things to think about when going through this process.

Participate in Beta

The number one action to take is to have as many devices, admins, first adopters, and testers participate in the Intelligent Hub beta program here and report feedback. It is recommended that the Intelligent Hub app is tested in your current UAT or beta environments to validate all existing use cases, before moving on to any new capabilities.

Update Documentation

It is a good idea to provide digital or physical training material for admins and users to leverage when going through enrollment or technical workflows. If your organization does not already have guides created, the release of Intelligent Hub may be a great time to begin creating these documents. Whether you are creating new documentation or updating documentation your teams are already using, it is a good idea to leverage this document and the screenshots/templates provided to save time and resources.

Email Communication to Users

While all features will continue to function on day one, sometimes UI changes can confuse users simply because they are different. It is not always necessary for users to read an entire how-to document to understand the changes in the app. Often it is helpful to just provide some user communication to soften the impact of the new experience. 

Migrate to the Digital Workspace

The Workspace ONE Intelligent is a powerful new app that allows for a single, entry point to access all of your digital workspace. Check out our guide (coming soon!) for how to adopt new Intelligent Hub services and provide additional incremental value to your devices.

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