Android Hub Beta 2- Known and Resolved issues

Resolved Issues in Beta 2 Build

  • HUB-1265 - UI issues with Sonim XP5 devices.
  • HUB-1273 - Hub app occasionally gets closed during Android Enterprise enrollment.
  • HUB-1139 - Lock screen shown twice on resuming offline access.
  • HUB-1148 - Hub logo missing on "Configure" enrollment page.
  • HUB-1085 - Hub continues to show loading user screen.
  • HUB-1168 - Android M - accepting prompt does not automatically resume on-boarding.
  • HUB-692 - Extra landing page present for sideload enrollment. 
  • HUB-696 - Enter button does not take the user to the next landing page in sideloaded enrollment flow.
  • HUB-842 - Old Agent UI appears during KNOX Play for Work configuration.
  • HUB-1319 - Hub navigates to account screen from messages screen after the notification is accessed.
  • HUB-1283 - Hub is crashing on some KitKat devices.
  • HUB-817 - Text alignment is not correct on Compliance page.
  • HUB-683 - Next button appears before the privacy page.
  • HUB-1284 - Empty message UI is not centered.
  • HUB-1316 - Push notifications are not cleared after device is unenrolled.
  • HUB-1113 - Samsung Grand 2: Groupd ID field is not aligned properly.
  • HUB-1115 - Samsung Grand 2 Secure page content is not properly aligned.
  • HUB-710 - Device admin permission appears briefly before Android Enterprise enrollment.
  • HUB-1287 - Old Agent UI shown when installing seeded UEM service app.
  • HUB-1323 - Create passcode screen alignment is off on KitKat devices.
  • HUB-771 - Compliance status should be 'Compliance Unknown' when compliance check has not been completed.
  • HUB-703 - Unread notifications are not highlighted.
  • HUB-747 - Network screen alignment issues.
  • HUB-661 - Password wizard text sizing is incorrect.
  • HUB-662 - Notification message text size is tiny.
  • HUB-659 - Password field for removal of profile contains a blank space.
  • HUB-1337 - Contents of Create a Passcode screen not fully visible on landscape mode in some tablets.
  • HUB-1322 - "Please wait while we process Enterprise EULA" text is not aligned.
  • AAGNT-184490 - "Managed apps" section is not displayed if enrolled into an OG with Android Enterprise and KNOX enabled.
  • HUB-1320 - Enrollment screens are shown when Hub is killed during remove device operation.
  • HUB-917 Notification bar doesn't show alert for newer messages when multiple messages are sent to the device.
  • AAGNT-183734 - Zebra SDM660 Disable Bluetooth settings not applying.
  • HUB-986 - Refresh compliance button keeps loading if internet connection is lost.
  • HUB-300 - Formatting inconsistencies on tablets for intermediate Hub enrollment screens.
  • HUB-321 - Formatting inconsistent for "Secure" screen.


Known Issues in Beta 2 Build

  • AAGNT-184487 - Bookmarks do not show up on the device home screen when Knox Mobile Enrollment is used on Android 8.0 devices
  • HUB-1446 - The display is not shown properly in the lock screen.
  • HUB-1471 - Android: Company logo does not get updated on the Username/Password Screen for Branding.
  • HUB-1472 - Screen flickers when SSO or SecureUserPIN screens are accessed.
  • HUB-1456 - Privacy policy hyperlink not displayed correctly.
  • HUB-1455 - Agent icon associated with catalog does not change if the app is updated.
  • HUB-1445 - Incorrect Japanese translation on Compliance page.
  • HUB-1444 – Incorrect Japanese translation on the compliance overview.
  • HUB-1443 – Incorrect Japanese translation on loading screens and some loading screens not localized.
  • HUB-1442 – Incorrect Japanese translation for delete profile.
  • HUB-1441 – Incorrect Japanese translation for profile install.
  • HUB-1421 – Text associated with “Email Address” and “Email username” is not aligned properly.
  • HUB-613 – Next buttons do not line-up/align across multiple pages.
  • HUB-416 – Formatting inconsistencies on post-enrollment wizard.
  • HUB-322 - Formatting inconsistent for Create your device password screen.



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