Workflow changes introduced in Content Locker 4.14 for iOS

In the release of Content Locker 4.14 for iOS, some workflows have been modified. To ensure the correct settings remain configured, admins are encouraged to review the changes outlined in this article to best understand what will take place upon upgrading.


Uploading files to other applications using document extension

Prior to Content Locker 4.14, uploading files to other applications via extensions with authentication type enabled was not restricted. With the release of 4.14, applications with authentication type enabled using document extension will now be restricted. Attempting to upload a file using document provider extension with this restriction in place will present the following error:

"Security settings restrict opening the file in this application. Please contact your IT admin."


Enhanced data security with copy logs and share link

Prior to Content Locker 4.14, users were able to copy logs and share the link to any third-party application(s). With the release of 4.14 comes enhanced data security for restricting copying and pasting of content from Content Locker to third-party applications with the "Enable copy and Paste Out" setting. If the "Copy and Paste Out" setting is disabled in the Workspace ONE UEM Console, the user:

  • will not be able to paste the logs copied from the Settings screen.
  • will not be able to paste the shared link from Personal Content. 

However, the user will be able to paste the logs or shared link to AirWatch SDK enabled applications. 


Data loss protection print changes

Prior to Content Locker 4.14, the print option was dependent only on the Allow Print flag at the SDK DLP level as well as the file level. With the release of 4.14, the print option will also depend on the whitelisting of applications DLP setting. If this setting is enabled, print will no longer be enabled in Content Locker for files. 

To allow the option to print, you will need to set "Enable Printing" to YES and "Limit Documents" to "Open only in approved apps" to NO under the SDK DLP settings. These options can be located in the Workspace ONE UEM Console under Settings > Settings & Policies > Security Policies. 

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