Introducing My Workspace ONE Chat


The Workspace ONE team is excited to announce a new Chat channel for customers within the My Workspace ONE Portal! It is always our goal to provide the best customer support experience, and we are happy to introduce Chat as an additional way for our customers to work with our team.

Chat will now be available within most pages of the My Workspace ONE Portal so that you have on-demand access to members of our Account Services and Support team. Our goal is to be more responsive to customers who have questions or problems that can be answered more quickly and efficiently than through the standard ticketing or call-back process.


We recognize that Workspace ONE is a complex product with many facets, and because of that, Chat may not always be the best platform for resolving your issue. If our Support team determines that the nature of the request is too complex for chat or requires a phone call/screen sharing, the engineer will convert the chat into a traditional ticket and continue troubleshooting per the normal process.

Workspace ONE Chat Scenarios

Below are scenarios of when we would recommend using Chat:

  • Questions on location/clarification of documentation
  • Issues or questions about the My Workspace ONE portal or your My Workspace ONE Account
  • Questions or issues on yearly APNs Renewal
  • Severity 3 issues or questions that are not immediately impacting your company’s ability to operate

Here are some examples of when your Chat would be converted to a traditional web ticket for future follow-up by a Support engineer:

  • Severity 1 or 2 issues that are impacting your company’s ability to operate
    • Outages affecting Email
    • Self-upgrade issues
  • Issues that will require log gathering/analysis

If you encounter any of the above or similar issues that we would convert into a traditional web ticket, we encourage you to contact the Support team by phone for the most efficient resolution.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee chat support for Federal customers. 

If you have any questions or encounter any technical issues with Chat, we encourage you to open a standard web ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call in by phone so that we can improve the Chat experience for all customers.

Note: Currently, Workspace ONE Chat is only supported in English. 

Other Languages: 日本語

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