Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is Here!

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is the next generation employee engagement app providing a unified onboarding experience. It also enables Workspace ONE UEM customers to easily embark on the digital workspace journey and enable new end user services.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is generally available as of October 30th, 2018.


Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Overview 

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is an updated and enhanced version of the AirWatch Agent. The following sections outline key things to keep in mind.

Intelligent Hub replaces AirWatch Agent

All AirWatch Agent apps (iOS, Android, macOS and Windows) are being renamed to Intelligent Hub. This means users will see a new app icon and name on their device or desktop. A logo is provided below in case you wish to update your internal support documentation to reflect this for accessing Hub on the device. 

Note: Android and iOS have additional features (Hub Services) not present in macOS or Windows 10 at this time. 


Intelligent Hub is an in-place upgrade of AirWatch Agent

When generally available, the Intelligent Hub app for iOS and Android will replace AirWatch Agent listings in public app stores. Users will receive the Hub app on their springboard automatically (if they have auto update enabled). When users open the Intelligent Hub app on iOS and Android for the first time the name change will be highlighted in the app.

On macOS and Windows 10, when these apps are updated the same icon and name change will take place.


Existing devices with Agent will not be impacted after the upgrade, simply improved

By default, once the upgrade occurs (assuming the UEM Console settings remain unchanged) there will be no impact to an enrolled device. 100% of Agent’s use cases are supported, whether the device is personally enabled or using Check-in/Check-out, etc. UEM Console administrators can be confident devices will continue to function as they did before.

The previous Agent UI has been uplifted, with cleaner management screens and a simplified enrollment flows for new users.


Intelligent Hub has more built-in digital workspace end-user features

On iOS and Android, the Intelligent Hub has additional optional features including a built-in, enhanced app Catalog, People directory, Home tab and Notifications. These features are provided via Hub Services and are easily configurable on an opt-in basis in the Workspace ONE UEM Console and is known as a “progressive experience”. 

By default, Intelligent Hub runs in device management mode (just like AirWatch Agent), so if a deployment already uses the AirWatch Catalog, when the Intelligent Hub update occurs the user experience will remain the same. 

Note: Hub Services are only available with a hosted tenant of VMware Identity Manager. Customers that are not entitled to a hosted IDM tenant are not able to access Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Services. FedRAMP, K12, Perpetual On-Prem and subscription On-Premises customers are included. 



Intelligent Hub Day 1 Impact

How does this affect my environment?

For most Workspace ONE UEM customers, the main question is what will Intelligent Hub change after the upgrade on Day 1?

Other than the icon and name change from AirWatch Agent to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub there are no changes required.

  • All existing functionality will remain supported
  • UI changes do not impact any functional use cases
  • All new end user features are hidden by default until they are enabled in UEM Console

In addition, current deployments are not affected in any way. No changes are required by administrators.

Deployment Case Before After

Hosted or On-Premises UEM

AirWatch Agent

No change to user flow.


Intelligent Hub supports same use cases, can be deployed with either on-prem or hosted UEM

Native app delivery with UEM

AirWatch Agent with AirWatch Catalog web clip

No change to user flow.


Intelligent Hub running in default device management mode with AirWatch Catalog web clip

Unified Workspace

AirWatch Agent with Workspace ONE catalog app and VMware Identity Manager

No change to user flow.


Intelligent Hub running in default device management mode with Workspace ONE catalog app and VMware Identity Manager

For an even further description of these changes, please visit the links below for our Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Day One Preparation guides.

How will this affect desktop platforms including macOS and Windows 10?

For more details around how this will affect desktop platforms including macOS and Windows 10? 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Beta test Intelligent Hub? 

You can join the beta today! Visit and look for the Hub iOS and Android tiles. You should:

  1. Test the AirWatch Agent to Intelligent Hub upgrade in your own UAT.
  2. Test Intelligent Hub with Hub Services enabled in our hosted sandbox environment with sample data.

Can I get more detailed product information? 

Yes! We have a product overview presentation (with features and demonstration videos). Additional information can be found in our deep dive presentation here

How do I access the new Intelligent Hub workspace features? 

In the upcoming version (post 9.7) of the Workspace ONE UEM Console (either hosted or On-Premises), a new Hub Services configuration will be provided which will allow administrators to enable the built-in app catalog as well as additional services which are dependent on VMWare Identity Manager. 

It is important to know the new Hub Services accessed from the UEM Console are hosted only (as well as identity-dependent features). 

Intelligent Hub Feature UEM Hosted/On-Premises

Device management mode 


New App Catalog & Home Tab 


Requires Hosted Hub Services 

Notifications, People, App and Mobile SSO 


Requires Hosted Hub Services and Hosted Identity 

How do I enable Hub services?

To fully adopt Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub capabilities and deliver an engaging digital workspace, review our enablement guide here

When is Intelligent Hub update expected to be generally available?

The update is currently planned for Q4 2018 (dates always subject to change).   


For additional FAQs, please refer to our knowledge base article here

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