Android Hub Beta 1

The first round of beta for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will focus on classic AirWatch Agent use cases. Hub has carefully enhanced both the visual and interaction aspects for each workflow the AirWatch Agent supports today. 

Keep in mind that these changes have not come at the cost of functionality. No existing features or capabilities will be disrupted after upgrading to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. 

 Additionally, some new features for the Agent have been added to this release:

  • AAGNT-183522: Samsung - Whitelist apps for Doze Mode – Custom XML only*

    *Custom XML:

    <characteristic type="" uuid="80edc0ae-abed-4efa-89e5-fdc1834f4dbf">

    <parm name="DozeModeWhitelist" value="com.airwatch.androidagent,," />


  • AAGNT-183624: APN configuration support for LG devices.
    • Requires a fresh install, or uninstall and reinstall, of LG Service due to an added permission for APN

Beta Scope:

The first phase of the Hub beta will not cover the COMP and Device Owner Android Enterprise enrollment flows. These enrollment flows will be available at a later phase of the beta.


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