Ensuring your SDK applications have the latest Compromised Protection updates


VMware Workspace ONE addressed an SDK issue earlier this year regarding intermittent compromised detection false positives, which were triggered upon updating the device iOS. Although this does not occur during every iOS upgrade instance, if encountered, it can result in the enterprise wipe of the affected device. 

More often than not, false positives are inadvertently introduced when new devices or OS versions are released. Currently, VMware Workspace ONE has no reports of false positives with the current beta versions of the anticipated fall iOS release. However, until the OS updates becomes generally available, this might still be an possible.  

With this new fall iOS version around the corner, VMware recommends you perform a review of applications built using SDK and Compromised Protection to ensure they are on the latest versions of the SDK and are not susceptible to any existing false positive issues attributed to OS updates. 


Recommended SDK Versions

  • For any iOS Swift SDK applications, ensure you are running SDK 17.6.1 or higher
  • For any iOS Obj-C SDK applications, ensure you are running SDK 5.9.5 or higher.  

Note: Apple EDU devices are currently not supported with the Swift SDK. There will be a future version of the Swift SDK expected to be available later this fall with support for Apple EDU devices.

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