Android Workspace ONE Hub - Phase 3 Known Issues

Known issues for Beta 3: to be resolved before release

* Multiple domains configured in VMware Identity Manager can result in failed authentication Hub login.

* HUB-1546 - KME enrollment fails with error: NO_ERROR.

* HUB-1513 - Hub crashes while checking the details of the SDK profile.

* HW-91522 - Custom tab label overlaps app name label if the custom tab label is too long.

*  HW-90782 - App results label shows wrong information about the results displayed.

* HUB-1530 - Hub services tenant customization endpoint fails even though cookie is valid.

* HUB-1495 - Improvement to interchange locations of the Sync device and Remove account buttons.

* HUB-1494 - Screen flicker when trying to change domains.

* HUB-1539 -Continue button in token screen doesn't cause the UI to scroll up to the right location.

* HUB-1543 - Option to block unenrollment doesn't remove the unenroll button just causes the button to go gray.

* HUB-1526 - QR code strings overlap with Next button.

* HUB-1455 - Agent icon associated with catalog web clip does not update after app update.

* HUB-1504 - Custom tabs sometimes shows an empty screen.

* HUB-1511 - No space between QR code text and QR code image.

* HUB-1469 - Reset branding on Hub Services Console is not reflected on device.

* HUB-1487 - Site urls in push notifications are not clickable.

* HUB-1501/1515/1510/613 - Page alignment issues.

* HUB-322 - Formatting inconsistencies for the create your device passcode screen.


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