Upcoming security enhancements to basic administrator password management in the Workspace ONE UEM Console


In the next release of Workspace ONE UEM, the password lifecycle management of basic/local administrator accounts has been overhauled in order to improve security. The current ability to 'Change password' for local/basic administrator accounts, in Console versions 9.6 and below, has been replaced by a 'Reset Password' option.


Customer Impact

Administrators will no longer see the 'Change password' option in the user details modal or on the user list view page. This option will be replaced by a 'Reset Password' action available in the administrator list view as indicated in Image 1 below. When an administrator selects the action, a pop-up window will appear to confirm that the 'Reset Password' email should be sent to the displayed email address as indicated in Image 2. The password recovery hyperlink provided in the email will direct the administrator to a page to answer their security questions before setting a new password.


Image 1
Image 2


Note: For customers currently leveraging the 'Change Password' API, a new 'Reset Password' API will be introduced and the 'Change Password' API will be deprecated in a future release. Administrators will no longer be able to reset the password for temporary administrators or for basic administrators that do not have security questions configured. If these administrators forget their passwords, their accounts will have to be deleted and recreated.

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