AAGNT-184052: Android Adapter Time Condition Loop




Version Identified

VMware Agent 7.3+ for Android



Product Provisioning for Android supports a condition called Adapter Time, which allows admins to choose a specific time range for when the product can be downloaded and/or installed. A frequency can be set for how often the device will check that it is within that time range. 

Admins may discover if the time range is configured to start and end in a previous year, the device will continuously check for the time range, however, the condition will never pass nor fail. This will cause the product to enter into a continuous loop and never complete the installation. Due to this, each time the condition is evaluated, a sample is sent to to the Workspace ONE UEM Console indicating the condition is still pending.  


Workaround/Best Practices

To mitigate this issue, ensure the Adapter Time conditions are configured with a Start or End Year of the current or future year. 

If you have already encountered the issue, you can Deactivate the Product which sends a cancellation to the device and stops the continuous loop. 


Fix Version

Our product team has been engaged and is actively working to resolve the issue. 

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