Resolved Issues in Beta2

  • AAGNT-183707 - [TouchDynamic D41C & Innowi Device] Service not binding to agent
  • AAGNT-183115 - Critical data persists in memory after SSO timeout for PBE ON case
  • AAGNT-183830 - Siemens \ WS1 enrollment failing on Android device after agent upgrade
  • AAGNT-177931 - [LYF LS-4503] Agent prompts to Encrypt device even when device is encrypted
  • AAGNT-181731 - [8.0 Beta Feedback] KNOX asking to set up password twice
  • AAGNT-183824 - Event Action condition evaluation is marked as False even though it is satisfied
  • AAGNT-183832 - The very first time agent is opened After Agent Upgrade in DO mode "Agent is Pinned screen" pops up
  • AAGNT-183858 - Afw# DO enrollment is not working properly.
  • AAGNT-183889 - Forgot Passcode is not working in Agent when Agent is installed as second app
  • AAGNT-182777 - Firewall profile is not taking affect on 5.1.1 Android devices (Safe 5.5)
  • AAGNT-183710 - Launcher prompt to set as default on agent upgrade
  • AAGNT-183186 - Cisco anyconnect app stores certificate upon enterprise wipe if it is installed as unmanaged.
  • AAGNT-183099 - QA endpoints hardcoded in Agent
  • AAGNT-183932 - Agent 8.2 - Bookmarks not installing on DO devices on M and N
  • AAGNT-183854 - AFW PO provisioning happening even on cancelling the new user Agreement or pressing back without entering User details.
  • AAGNT-183537 - After max fail attempts and Agent wipe, toast message says "Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled your device"
  • AAGNT-183796 - Amazon Fulfillment Ctr. - TLS WIFI profile deployment issue with AW Agent v8.2
  • AAGNT-183388 - Application field for custom attributes is not updating according to the cust attr file name
  • AAGNT-183092 - Unable to install Application on Android devices via Product Provisioning
  • AAGNT-183864 - Agent is not pinned after first bump when device is only configured(not enrolled) to DO mode.
  • AAGNT-183872 - In Android Legacy Enrollment, removing the Passocde profile doesn't remove Image Overlay on Lock screen
  • AAGNT-183916 - Set certificate in enterprise wifi profile fails if certificate is already installed
  • AAGNT-183357 - Android Agent APKs failing to install on emulators during Bamboo builds
  • AAGNT-183533 - Escalation Assistance - AFW app sample not returning when pushing internal app update on AFW devices
  • AAGNT-183690 - Android Enterprise Rugged - Launcher profile product fails to 'Complete"
  • AAGNT-183918 - Android Legacy - IMEI truncated in beacon for LG

Known Issues in Beta2

  • AAGNT-183823 - FAILED job is being processed again by agent.
  • AAGNT-183884 - When apps are locked fingerprint dialog is shown but Agent doesn't
  • AAGNT-183892 - Delete existing Work Profile dialog appears during AFW SAML enrollment. AAGNT-183980 - Android Legacy - Inconsistent behavior with font size restrictions
  • AAGNT-183741 - Android Device Information
  • AAGNT-183964 - 'AirWatch Configuration in Progress' notification remains available when device enrolled to PO after completing encryption.
  • AAGNT-183780 - AFW Rugged during enrollment screen is locked in pinned state and device is un-usable
  • AAGNT-183956 - TC25: AFW enrollment is failing due to play service not being updated
  • AAGNT-183995 - Battery Events are still triggered on the device even after uninstall the EA successfully
  • AAGNT-183885 - Agent crashed when apps were pushed and installed from Console - OnePlus5 device with 8.1.0
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