Introducing VMware Content Locker 1.3 for Windows

The VMware Workspace ONE team is excited to announce that VMware Content Locker 1.3 for Windows is publicly available.

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • WXSCL-2038: Scanned documents are not rendered clearly
  • WXSCL-2065: Error when opening scanned PDF files
  • WXSCL-1781: Improve Japanese support
  • WXSCL-2078: Unable to assign co-owner role to shared folders when the language is set to Spanish
  • WXSCL-1691: Content is not rendered correctly when Continuous Mode is enabled in the viewer
  • WXSCL-1973: SSO error with Workspace ONE app when connected to AirWatch 9.1.2 with a specified port
  • WXSCL-1998: Passcode prompt background is displayed without the logo and color
  • WXSCL-2045: Border in the Passcode message prompt is not displayed correctly
  • WXSCL-2055: Source code file names with their full directory path are exposed in log file of Windows Content Locker
  • WXSCL-2068: Remove Mixpanel analytics
  • WXSCL-2079: Not able to change user credentials when the user tries to log in after a logout
  • WXSCL-2081: App crashes when there is a download running and the user tries to log in after maximum number of invalid passcode attempts
  • WXSCL-2083: App crashes when it is relaunched after putting in background, while a download is running
  • WXSCL-2084: Back button is displayed in the home page when user taps on home option in the viewer
  • WXSCL-2089: Download of content is paused and never resumed when user switches the app from foreground to background
  • WXSCL-2094: Not able to log into offline mode even when the user is permitted to log in
  • WXSCL-2099: Not able to download content from SharePoint if a user logs in without domain
  • WXSCL-2103: App crashes when the download content icon is tapped across repositories
  • WXSCL-2104: The ‘File and Folder share’ icon is not displayed in the bottom app bar
  • WXSCL-2105: Not able to enter password or extract password protected Zip files
  • WXSCL-2110: Queued content status is displayed as 0% in the Download Transfer page
  • WXSCL-2111: Add User button is not correctly displayed when the device language is set to any language other than English
  • WXSCL-2115: Unable to log in to SharePoint with valid credentials if user has tried to log in with invalid credentials previously
  • WXSCL-1996: The UI crashes after saving with zero/NA value under AirWatch Content Locker > Share > Add/ Change Security settings
  • WXSCL-1768: The Date format is not displayed correctly according to the device locale setting
  • WXSCL-1971: Hardcode strings for ‘Download on hold for’, ‘Upload on hold for’ and ‘Reason: No Internet’ on the Notifications page
  • WXSCL-1967: Hardcode strings for ‘Upload failed for’ and ‘Download failed for’ on the Notifications page
  • WXSCL-1965: Localized strings for ‘View Logs’ and ‘Share Logs’ are removed or not displayed correctly on the Help page
  • WXSCL-2053: The translation of some strings is not loaded
  • WXSCL-1969: A square character is displayed in the file name & content due to unavailable fonts for some Simplified Chinese characters
  • WXSCL-1771: Unable to search the file content when the language is Korean
  • WXSCL-2003: Non-English characters are not displayed correctly in the Root Repository name
  • WXSCL-1970: Time of old records in the notification is not updated according to the local time zone setting
  • WXSCL-1976: Hardcode strings for ‘No Outline’ when PDF is open, and Navigation is selected
  • WXSCL-1756: Some strings are not translated in to non-English languages
  • WXSCL-2086: The UI elements are not translated into the correct language when the file content is searched
  • WXSCL-1770: The UI elements are not translated into the correct language when we try to search the file content
  • WXSCL-1727: The strings Content, Personal Content, and Local Storage are not translated in non-English languages
  • WXSCL-1769: Content is missing or not displayed correctly on the File Search Hint page 
  • WXSCL-1975: A colon is displayed incorrectly after the UI element ‘Available’ in the viewer when Spanish is selected
  • WXSCL-2019: Translation error for the string ‘Download Date’ under Content Locker
  • WXSCL-2018: Translation error for the string ‘Server URL Required’ under Content Locker
  • WXSCL-2021: Translation error for the string ‘Sync completed successfully’ under Notifications
  • WXSCL-2022: Translation error for the string ‘Sync failed at’ under Content Locker
  • WXSCL-1966: The strings ‘Sync completed successfully at’ and ‘Sync fail at’ are not localized on the Notifications page

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading VMware Content Locker 1.3 for Windows. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console 9.2+

How to Download VMware Content Locker 1.3 for Windows

  • Prior Version is Installed – Direct end users to update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed – Direct end users to download it from the Microsoft Store.

Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE  portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

Other Languages: 日本語

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