Resolved Issues in 8.3 Beta

AAGNT-183937 Agent crash when Bluetooth/USB feature enabled and remote device attached.
AAGNT-183936 Passcode Profile for fingerprint is not working
AAGNT-183916 Set certificate in enterprise wifi profile fails if certificate is already installed
AAGNT-183910 Android Enterprise Web Apps with Automatic Deployment causing Notifications that cannot be removed
AAGNT-183889 Forgot Passcode is not working in Agent when Agent is installed as second app
AAGNT-183875 Huawei service app binding version is shown incorrectly in Android Agent
AAGNT-183873 Not able to authenticate SSO login using Agent for productivity apps in SAML configured OG
AAGNT-183870 When app is locked, Agent also gets locked
AAGNT-183864 Agent is not pinned after first bump when device is only configured(not enrolled) to DO mode.
AAGNT-183863 Zebra SDM660 <Oreo> - DO - Custom Attribute XML sample not send from /enterprise/usr/attributes folder if there is a bad xml file present
AAGNT-183858 Afw# DO enrollment is not working properly.
AAGNT-183854 AFW PO provisioning happening even on cancelling the new user Agreement or pressing back without entering User details.
AAGNT-183844 App control fails on fresh install of Agent
AAGNT-183838 [Samsung-Oreo] Agent crashes during AFW enrollment
AAGNT-183833 Default Work apps after enrollment are not proper for AFW mode.
AAGNT-183832 The very first time agent is opened After Agent Upgrade in DO mode "Agent is Pinned screen" pops up
AAGNT-183831 [Oreo] Notification appears for every screen after Part 2 enrollment
AAGNT-183830 Siemens \ WS1 enrollment failing on Android device after agent upgrade
AAGNT-183824 Event Action condition evaluation is marked as False even though it is satisfied
AAGNT-183821 Sideload Enrollment- agent crashes on KK
AAGNT-183816 Agent is crashing while Un-enrolling from android for work profile owner
AAGNT-183815 Agent is crashing while enrolling in to android for work profile owner
AAGNT-183811 FileSync: UnknownHostException error is seen in logs when network on device disconnects while downloading file
AAGNT-183808 FileSync:File name with Space does not download
AAGNT-183806 TC55 KK: Device doesn't enroll in Walmart environment from Agent 8.1 onwards
AAGNT-183801 Agent Crashes during auto-enroll call for sideload/barcode enrollments on KK Devices
AAGNT-183799 Device administrator screen displayed for a while when Agent is launched
AAGNT-183798 Agent crash during AFW enrollment
AAGNT-183796 Amazon Fulfillment Ctr. - TLS WIFI profile deployment issue with AW Agent v8.2
AAGNT-183795 Customization Key Fails to activate and failure continues to loop on Galaxy Note 9
AAGNT-183793 FileSync: FolderName is passed incorrectly for special characters in GetContentList Endpoint Url
AAGNT-183791 Even if the file upload fails the Action is reported as completed 
AAGNT-183790 FileSync: Single file is not getting upload to the server
AAGNT-183782 Rugged AFW: Profiles show up as Not Supported even after being configured successfully
AAGNT-183760 Lock command from console is not being applied on the device 
AAGNT-183752 Allow USB is not working as expected on HUAWEI device
AAGNT-183740 sticky notification "Airwatch configuration is in progress" is not going away once device completes enrollment
AAGNT-183739 AFW DO enrollment is not working when enrolling with QR code
AAGNT-183710 Launcher prompt to set as default on agent upgrade
AAGNT-183707 [TouchDynamic D41C & Innowi Device] Service not binding to agent
AAGNT-183684 Fix broken test in Agent project
AAGNT-183673 Unable to authenticate using Agent when passcode content is changes to alphanumeric
AAGNT-183659 Advanced sideload enrollment with Reboot Event Action in manifest fails to enroll device
AAGNT-183648 Samsung DeX features not working as expected in DO mode after Agent upgrade
AAGNT-183646 KNOX VPN Blacklist not working on Samsung Galaxy S9
AAGNT-183644 Uninstall Event action is showing skipped in Product logs
AAGNT-183623 Agent fails to authenticate with domain user, if enrolled using directory user and auth type is username/password
AAGNT-183622 Android Enteprise - Cisco Anyconnect app lists only one VPN configuration
AAGNT-183549 Action Timeline stays same after edited Event Actions is sent to device
AAGNT-183542 Change in passcode mode to alphanumeric gets skipped if other productivity apps are configured
AAGNT-183537 After max fail attempts and Agent wipe, toast message says "Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled your device"
AAGNT-183533 Escalation Assistance - AFW app sample not returning when pushing internal app update on AFW devices
AAGNT-183508 Port number is not considered by the Android Agent for SDK Endpoints
AAGNT-183455 Unexpected Unenrollment from Docomo
AAGNT-183426 App data after checkin is not cleared for Zebra devices
AAGNT-183415 Inconsistent Application of App Control Policy
AAGNT-183403 Intel service not binding as expected on Castle Canyon Device
AAGNT-183388 Application field for custom attributes is not updating according to the cust attr file name
AAGNT-183382 RegisterApplication request returns 403 after launching Boxer on device enrolled in Agent
AAGNT-183363 Whitelisted app granted read access to SDK databases
AAGNT-183362 AFW Enrollment/DA enrollment is not completing on Agent 8.3 on Android O+ device.
AAGNT-183359 Unmanaged apps have unrestricted access to SDK PreferencesProvider
AAGNT-183357 Android Agent APKs failing to install on emulators during Bamboo builds
AAGNT-183351 File Hash: Agent is not able to calculate File Hash if download file to external storage location and Product is getting Failed 
AAGNT-183270 Launcher app is not persisting after enterprise reset.
AAGNT-183204 Whitelisted apps granted write access to SDK databases
AAGNT-183186 Cisco anyconnect app stores certificate upon enterprise wipe if it is installed as unmanaged.
AAGNT-183126 Agent bypasses enrollment screens ( part2-secure to exit )
AAGNT-183115 Critical data persists in memory after SSO timeout for PBE ON case 
AAGNT-183101 Wifi frequency band not applying correctly on TC51 devices
AAGNT-183099 QA endpoints hardcoded in Agent 
AAGNT-183092 Unable to install Application on Android devices via Product Provisioning 
AAGNT-182799 Able to install applications that are not part of whitelist app group despite having application control profile on the device
AAGNT-182777 Firewall profile is not taking affect on 5.1.1 Android devices (Safe 5.5)
AAGNT-182658 Device with previous KNOX container creating new KNOX containers with the previous containers configuration type(CL, COM)
AAGNT-182566 Unable to Generate File Hash for any file type( txt, pdf, jpg, png etc) and product is getting failed in download step
AAGNT-182503 Agent > Product Tab > Advanced Staging Product [0] > is displaying invalid tab name. 
AAGNT-182393 Product job logs shows as installing even through product status is in completed on products tab
AAGNT-182093 KNOX asking to set up password twice if password profile has number of digits and symbols set to greater than 4 on Samsung s7 and above device
AAGNT-182079 Agent auth persists after SSO timeout
AAGNT-181731 [8.0 Beta Feedback] KNOX asking to set up password twice
AAGNT-180839 [I18N][HE] All translation of Agent UI are not loading on the he env
AAGNT-180731 Job Download Progress bar is not visible if Agent goes to background during download through Relay Server
AAGNT-180482 [Knox Mode] Knox Date & Time profile not working as expected in Android M+ Devices
AAGNT-179461 Passcode is not compliant with profiles flag is sent as zero when passcode profile is not present
AAGNT-177931 [LYF LS-4503] Agent prompts to Encrypt device even when device is encrypted
AAGNT-183948 Knox: internal app is not getting installed inside container
AAGNT-183932 Agent 8.2 - Bookmarks not installing on DO devices on M and N
AAGNT-183928 AFW Profile not being deleted
AAGNT-183914 Profiles revoked due to passcode policy are not applied properly once device becomes compliant
AAGNT-183913 Samsung DeX Boot Logo stays on device after unenrollment
AAGNT-183891 Upload file is not working in release build
AAGNT-183883 MalformedURLException during enrollment
AAGNT-183859 Unclear Timezone in Created On event field
AAGNT-183751 Enable HashTag enrollment using new AFW Enrollment Orchestrator 
AAGNT-183690 Android Enterprise Rugged - Launcher profile product fails to 'Complete"
AAGNT-183965 [Samsung Oreo]: Knox license key is validated repeatedly after completing enrollment
AAGNT-183922 ELM service app get installed in Knox Play for work when require service app is enabled
AAGNT-183918 Android Legacy - IMEI truncated in beacon for LG
AAGNT-183908 [Samsung S8/S9]: Notification to install Samsung Email client app is not displayed for Email type profile
AAGNT-183874 App Control profile is shown as not supported on Huawei device
AAGNT-183872 In Android Legacy Enrollment, removing the Passocde profile doesn't remove Image Overlay on Lock screen 
AAGNT-183709 MX Service: Need to add more log in INFO mode


Known Issues in 8.3 Beta 

AGNT-183925 Agent is pinned after KME in Samsung Oreo devices
AAGNT-183923 Knox Play for work configuration fails when require service app option is enabled in Nougat devices
AAGNT-183861 Zebra SDM660 <Oreo> - SD Card Encryption is not working
AAGNT-183853 Zebra SDM660 <Oreo> - Agent is not launching when device locked with Launcher
AAGNT-183734 Zebra SDM660 <Oreo> Disable Bluetooth settings not applying
AAGNT-183732 Zebra SDM660 <Oreo> - Uninstall Unmanaged App not working
AAGNT-183780 AFW Rugged during enrollment screen is locked in pinned state and device is un-usable
AAGNT-183640 Push ELM Service from PlayStore fails if AFW OG is configured with enrollment restriction set to 'Limit to smart group'
AAGNT-183892 Delete existing Work Profile dialog appears during AFW SAML enrollment.
AAGNT-183878 "Google play has stopped" prompt comes during AFW PO enrollment 
AAGNT-183856 [LG G5]: Email configuration not working (Email fail reason: 11)
AAGNT-183809 Zebra SDM660 <Oreo> - OSUpgrade Failed- NotSupported message
AAGNT-183735 Zebra SDM660 <Oreo> - ForceWiFiOn does not apply
AAGNT-183701 Wifi and cellular cannot be toggled on after being removed from Samsung DeX Pad
AAGNT-183660 AW Managed application does not seem to show up on Android devices Grid.
AAGNT-183070 Kyocera Duraforce Pro - Notification bar disabled in Device Owner enrollment
AAGNT-182501 Per App VPN for AnyConnect client does not work for AfW enrolled device. 
AAGNT-182440 Prevent Agent and Service from being force stopped when chrome is blacklisted using app control
AAGNT-182056 Input method restriction profile does not work LG devices
AAGNT-181445 Location method gets changed if the location service is turned OFF/ON even when there is a restriction profileAAGNT-183699 Duplicate shortcuts are created for Samsung DeX Bug

AAGNT-183700 Samsung DeX profile takes some time to take effect after upgrade and reapply
AAGNT-183701 Wifi and cellular cannot be toggled on after being removed from Samsung DeX Pad

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