AAPP-5446: Touch ID Authentication fails during App installations from App Catalog and Workspace ONE




Version Identified

iOS 11.3.1



Users attempting to install apps from the App Catalog or Workspace ONE while utilizing Touch ID may be prompted to authenticate multiple times. After several authentication attempts, the installation will fail. This issue only affects attempts to install an app from the App Catalog/Workspace ONE and does not affect installations from the App Store.



As a workaround, the user can navigate to the App Store and download the application (unmanaged). Then, reinstall the application via the App Catalog to bring it under management. 

Another option is to push the public application as a VPP application. 


Fix Version

We have informed Apple of the issue and this article will be updated once we confirm a resolution.  If you have Apple Care Support, you may wish to reach out directly to Apple to learn more details around the status of this issue.

Other Languages: 日本語

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