Resolved Issues in 4.4 Beta

  • RUGG-4231 - When initiating remote management for Samsung SM-T285YD, the screen is upside down
  • RUGG-4393 - Minor text truncation issue is observed for the Deny button of FM approval screen when winmo device language is in German
  • RUGG-4569 - DB install errors while installing ARM
  • RUGG-4747 - Samsung S8 Plus RM skin issues - software keys are offset
  • RUGG-4851 - Honeywell CT50 - Remote management Issues

Known Issues in 4.4 Beta

  • RUGG-3746 - RM 4 on Samsung A5 devices do not work - show null exception and platform sign errors
  • RUGG-3980 - Unable to drag and drop to Uninstall app using AirWatch remote session
  • RUGG-887 - Error message when ARM Console API url is wrong
  • RUGG-4462 - Sony, storage prompt when connecting to File Manager is confusing
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