Introducing VMware AirWatch SDK 18.5 for Android

The Workspace ONE Team is excited to announce that AirWatchSDK 18.5 for Android is publicly available.

What’s New in this Version

  • ASDK-169263: Added the ability to enforce token-based authentication.

Bugs Fixed in this Version

  • Added SDK security improvements.
  • ASDK-169296: Added a fix to correctly evaluate incorrect passcode attempts when a device is offline, and the admin changes the authentication mode from the console.

Known Issues in this Version

  • ASDK-169387: When token-based authentication is enforced, and the authentication mode is set to passcode, the user is prompted for credentials instead of a token (note: this only happens during the first log-in attempt after passcode mode is enabled).
  • ASDK-169487: Observed an issue where users were intermittently asked to create a new passcode after already creating one in an existing SDK app. This happened in situations where one app used SDK version 18.2.2+ and another app was on version 18.2.1 or below.

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading AirWatch SDK 18.5 for Android. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.4+/KitKat/API Level 15+
  • Android Studio with the Gradle Android Build System (Gradle) 3.3.0+
  • AirWatch Agent 5.3 for Android
  • Workspace ONE UEM 9.2+

How to Download SDK 18.5 for Android

  • Existing SDK Users: Access the SDK here
  • New SDK Users– Ensure you have download permissions from your Workspace ONE UEM account representative. Access the SDK here

Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

Other Languages: 日本語

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