Resolved / Known Issues - Android Launcher Beta

Resolved Issues in 4.1 Beta

• ALAU-170167 - Clicking on floating home button is clearing notification badge
• ALAU-169712 - Launcher crashes observed on LG G2 device
• ALAU-170172 - Android Enterprise Launcher Does Not Exit Gracefully in Samsung DeX
• ALAU-170174 - COSU mode - Android Enterprise Launcher Does Not Exit Gracefully in Samsung DeX
• ALAU-170181 - Android O and above - COSU mode - Once an app is whitelisted remains whitelisted even after removed from profile
• ALAU-170182 - COSU - Able to access whitelisted apps even after logout
• ALAU-169888 - [Lenovo TB3-850M]: Apps Icon are not visible in Template App Mode Launcher
• ALAU-169887 - [Lenovo TB3-850M]:App name is not displayed clearly in Launcher
• ALAU-170166 - Proper notification count is not shown and getting error while inserting notification in multi app and single app mode
• ALAU-169902 - [Huawei Holly2]: User need to select 'Always' multiple time when setting secure launcher as default launcher
• ALAU-170090 - [i18n-level2]Date format in Device Details Widget is not correct in non-English locales
• ALAU-169943 - [PENTA K706]:App name is not displayed clearly in Launcher
• ALAU-170125 - Logout fails intermittently with Agent SDK service error
• ALAU-169970 - [Lenovo TB3-730X]: Apps Icon are not visible in Template App Mode Launcher
• ALAU-169997 - Badge for number of notifications gets removed on device orientation change
• ALAU-170165 - Notification badge is not showing count in SingleApp mode when the floating button is removed and added again
• ALAU-170170 - Floating Home button should be removed on profile removal
• ALAU-170168 - Floating home button is not being removed on removing the custom XML and re-pushing the profile
• ALAU-169709 - CICO times out if EULA is expected to come up for the Check-out user
• ALAU-170050 - App Icons are not removed from Launcher after sending Whitelist Profile
• ALAU-169780 - Launcher not handling package manager crash, and is crashing
• ALAU-169862 - Profile lands on the device only after home press during CICO intermittently
• ALAU-170171 - Notification count is not shown in Template mode
• ALAU-169971 - Launcher crashes on tapping Launcher settings options
• ALAU-170146 - AFW - Floating home button is not shown on restarting an Oreo device
• ALAU-170183 - Support for Skip COSU in parent OG
• ALAU-170140 - COSU - Null object reference error when rotating the screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa
• ALAU-170169 - Android P - Cannot access Security Settings and recents in Launcher


Known Issues in 4.1 Beta

ALAU-169562 - [Lenovo TAB2 A10-30]:Auto logout for shared device in launcher does not work
ALAU-169736 - Launcher setting does not list Default App for messaging (SMS)
ALAU-169561 - [Lenovo TAB2 A10-30]: Apps can be accessed from recent apps list when launcher profile is enabled
ALAU-169726 - Launcher 3.0 crashes on Kitkat devices
ALAU-169727 - [Motorola LEX L10ig]: Secure Launcher terminates before selecting it as default launcher in device
ALAU-169846 - [ASUS P00I]:Launcher profile does not exit until the device is restarted.
ALAU-169701 - Launcher install status visibility - When Launcher is pushed as a profile it won't show correctly as managed app
ALAU-169721 - Agent force closes while launching launcher and no profiles are getting downloaded to launcher application
ALAU-169770 - Logging in Load profile - Solves issues for waiting for profile state
ALAU-170179 - Unable to give permissions for Apps in Marshmallow devices when floating home button is enabled
ALAU-170076 - Multi App mode launcher crashed when switching device display mode on ZTE dual display device
ALAU-170057 - Quick settings for the device can be accessed from the device lock screen in case of notification
ALAU-169805 - [SONY Xperia XZ] Settings app can be accessible by Launcher crashing in low battery status
ALAU-170118 - Launcher does not show inactivity lock screen if the device is locked after a sleep
ALAU-169692 - Android - Login failed in Launcher for multi-user staging
ALAU-169650 - Previously whitelisted bookmarks can be accessed through recents in Single App mode
ALAU-170070 - Launcher does not reflect the misc app intermittently
ALAU-169760 - Android Tab launcher Bookmark icon resolution decreases on device
ALAU-170048 - Default App icons do not show up on the Launcher home screen on the device
ALAU-170178 - Pull down menu in launcher doesn't close 
ALAU-170185 - Not able to access Bluetooth settings from launcher for Android P devices
ALAU-169979 - After enterprise reset launcher application is not set as default






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